Types of Citrus Trees

Assorted citrus fruits slices, halves and wholes sitting on table.

California Citrus Tree Varieties That Flourish

There are various types of citrus trees that thrive in the Bay Area of California. At SummerWinds Nursery, we carry the widest variety of citrus.

The majority of our Citrus selection is Semi-Dwarf - See below for specific varieties.

Please Note - Availability varies based on time of year and selection can vary by location

Citrus Tree Care


Lemon Tree Varieties

Eureka Lemon
  • Yields a large crop of lemons annually
  • Bears fruit all year
  • Easy to espalier
  • Fewer thorns than other lemon trees
Lisbon Lemon
  • Fruit similar to the Eureka lemon
  • More cold tolerant
  • Thornier tree with dense foliage
  • Abundunt year-round crop
Improved Meyer Lemon
  • Tested, virus-free clone
  • Very juicy fruit, sweeter than Eureka lemons
  • Produces fruit in cooler climate
  • Produces fruit almost year round
  • Mature fruit has a golden color
Variegated Pink Lemon
  • Distinctive green and yellow leaves
  • Pink flesh, clear juice, acidic lemon flavor
  • Fuchsia colored new growth and flower buds
  • Beautiful tree for landscape accent
Santa Teresa
  • Italian Variety
  • Rich flesh of lemon sour flavor but with hint of sweetness
  • Contains few seeds
  • Great lemon for making Limoncello

Lime Tree Varieties

Lemon citrus with lemons shown on a lemon tree, lemonade and lemon bars

Buddha's Hand Fingered Citron
  • Fruit forms finger-like sections
  • Known for light lemon fragrance
  • Virtually no pulp: wonderful sliced and candied
  • Zero frost tolerance
Australian Finger Lime
  • Elongated fruits
  • Fruits ripen in fall or winter
  • Unique texture adds a nice punch to dishes
  • Thorny tree with small leaves
Calamondin Philippine Lime
  • Also known as Kalamansi Lime
  • Compact tree: great for containers
  • Ample fruit production
  • Zesty, acidic juice
Bearss Seedless Lime
  • Known also as Persian or Tahitian Lime
  • Distinct lime flavor
  • Seedless
  • Produces fruit year round
Yuzu Lime
  • Also known as Japanese Citron
  • Yellow-orange fruit produces in the Fall
  • Excellent Flavor
  • One of the most cold-hardy of all citrus
Rangpur Lime
  • Popular tart flavor, reddish-orange fruit
  • More like a sour mandarin
  • Abundant fruit with purpled tinged blooms
  • Beautiful used as an ornamental tree
Thai Lime
  • Known also as ‘Kieffer/Kaffir’ Lime
  • Bumpy surface texture, fragrant sour juice
  • Leaves, zest and juice are used for cooking
  • Many health benefits; cleanser and deodorizer
Mexican (Key) Lime
  • Small, somewhat seedy fruit with tropical flavor
  • Fruit turns yellow when ripe
  • Produces fruit year-round
  • Not frost tolerant
Mexican Thornless Lime
  • Preferred for Key Lime Pie and certain beverages
  • Fruit turns yellow when ripe
  • Traditional strong lime flavor
Palestine Sweet Lime
  • Round, medium-sized juicy yellow fruit
  • Not as sweet or acidic as the Bearss
  • Few Seeds
  • Mild, yet refreshing flavor

Orange, Mandarine & Tangarine Tree Varieties

Oranges on a tree, orange slices and orange marmalade in a jar with oranges in the background

Clementine Mandarin
  • Also known as Algerian Mandarin
  • From North Africa
  • Fruit ripens in December, January
  • Classic sweet and tart mandarin flavor
Dancy Tangerine
  • Heavy fruit production
  • Deep color and rich flavor
  • Ripens at the end and beginning of the year
  • Popular for Lunar/Chinese New Year
Kinnow Mandarin
  • Attractive, upright growth habit
  • Sweet, juicy fruit with seeds
  • Fruit ripens in spring
Owari Satsuma Mandarin
  • Hardiest tree of all Mandarins
  • Fruit ripens in November, December
  • Generally harvested before first frost
  • Seedless fruit that peels easily
Pixie Mandarin
  • Late-maturing with upright, open growth habit
  • Best suited to coastal/inter-coastal regions
  • Moderately juicy with pleasant, mild flavor
  • Easy to peel
Shasta Gold Mandarin
  • Easy to peel
  • Red-orange peel and flesh full of sweet flavor
  • Seedless
W. Murcott Mandarin
  • Also known as a fourer Mandarin
  • Fruit ripens in spring
  • Nice flavor and easy to peel
  • Low seeds when not cross-pollinated
Cara Cara Navel Orange
  • Fruit is early to ripen
  • Originated in Venezuelae
  • Medium red colored flesh
  • Fruit has a rich, sweet flavor
Lane Late Navel Orange
  • Spring/summer ripening
  • Nice, rich flavor
  • Seedless variety of Naval Orange
  • Excellent choice for eating and juicing in summer
Midknight Valencia Sweet Orange
  • Seedless version of the Valencia
  • Makes wonderful fresh juice
  • Great sliced
Moro Blood Orange
  • Deep red, almost purple, colored flesh
  • Unique aroma, and berry-like flavor
  • High yielding and early to mature
High yielding and early to mature
  • Heavy fruit production
  • Most popular winter ripening citrus
  • Fruit ripens early and heavy bearing
  • Cultivar of the Washington Navel
  • Great for juicing or eating
Robertson Navel Orange
  • Sweet fruit
  • Early and heavy bearing
Sanquinelli Blood Orange
  • Deep red juice and rind
  • Tart and spicy flavor
  • Lasts long when left on tree
  • Best grown in interior valleys of California
Seville Sour Orange
  • Essential for authentic English marmalade
  • The flavor is sour, acidic, tangy, slightly bitter
  • Great for juicing, zesting, enhancing cocktails, sauces, marinades, and baked goods
Trovita Orange
  • Fruit ripens in Spring, even indoors
  • Heavy producer with a great flavor
  • Thin skinned fruit, not many seeds
  • Grows well on the coast and in desert
Valencia Orange
  • Fruit ripens in Summer
  • Excellent for juicing or eating
  • Fruit will ripen in 15 months
Washington Navel Orange
  • Known for winter ripening in California
  • Produces fruit when grown indoors
  • Sweet, seedless fruit
  • Fruit will ripen in ten months

Grapefruit Tree Varieties

Grapefruit on a tree, sliced grapefruit and a grapefruit salad

Oroblanco Grapefruit
  • Sweet, seedless fruit
  • Grows well with low summerw heat
  • Huge, very fragrant flowers and glossy foliage
Rio Red Grapefruit
  • Sweet, seedless fruit
  • Red-fleshed variety from Texas
  • Does best in warm climates
  • Ripens in winter
  • Excellent for juicing or eating

Kumquat Tree Varieties

Kumquats sliced on a desert cake, and kumquats on a tree

Fukushu Semi-Dwarf Kumquat
  • Large with sweet thin skin and tart juicy pulp
  • Ornamental with attractive round leaves
  • Very hardy tree with fragrant flowers
Nagami Kumquat
  • Sweet, seeded fruit
  • Olive-sized bright orange fruit
  • Ripens in late winter or early spring
  • Sweet, edible skin with tart flesh
  • Few thorns, fragrant blossom
Nordmann Seedless Nagami Kumquat
  • Clusters of petite orange-colored fruit
  • A beautiful ornamental tree
  • Produces seedless sweet-tart fruit
Meiwa Kumquat
  • Sweet, seedless fruit
  • Round fruit, slightly sweeter than other varieties
  • Good candied or for use in marmalade
  • Sweet, edible skin and tart flesh
  • Few thorns and fragrant blossoms

Tangelo Tree Varieties

Tangelos on a tree and tangelo slices on a fruit salad

Minneola Tangelo
  • Deep reddish-orange fruit
  • Develops a tangerine like flavor when left on tree
  • Harvest in late spring through the summer

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