Amaryllis Kits - Traditional Beauty Begins Now

Blooming pink and red Amaryllis with the words: Bloom Beautiful Amaryllis on itAmaryllis - A Lovely Start for The Holidays

While the fall and winter holidays seem to creep up on us earlier every year, there are some redeeming benefits to beginning the holiday season now - the Amaryllis. Those lovely little bulbs that require minimal effort bloom at just the right time of year, adding those traditional touches to our holidays.

Amaryllis Kits

Amaryllis Kits

Kit includes: A pot, peat pellet that when watered will expand into the peat moss soil, and of course the premium Amaryllis bulb.

Choose From

  • 1. Minerva
  • 2. Red Lion
  • 3. Mont Blanc
  • 4. Apple Blossom