Blending Indoors and Out

blending or blurring the lines between garden and home with houseplants, herbs and shrubs

When the option of adding on to your home isn’t available or you find yourself outdoors more than in, blending your home and garden is a great way to extend the living area.  Once you’ve successfully stopped limiting your thought of home as just the structure itself and see your entire property as home, you will find a much greater space to love.

10 Plants to Help Blur The Lines

Place hanging baskets or houseplants outdoors, and position them in front of a window so you can look out and see greenery and color.

1. Pothospothos houseplant on patio table and hanging outdoors

Pothos plants will do well in just about any environment but do be careful not to place in a location where they will get direct sun outdoors. They prefer nutrient rich soil, but won’t hesitate to grow in poorer conditions. They also enjoy indirect sunlight, but tolerate low-light conditions well enough that they are a popular addition to bathrooms and offices. Fertilize your Pothos every three months; it should be watered once the top inch of soil has dried out.

Hanging baskets in an assortment of varieties and sizes 2. Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets can add a lovely pop of color to an otherwise drab area of your garden.  They can be hung to direct the eye and even open up the space.  We have an assortment for sunny and shady areas to choose from.

Plant a climbing plant along a trellis that’s positioned next to a window so you can catch glimpses of it or utilize it as a colorful natural break to extend seating area.

3. Mandevilla Vinesred mandevilla vine growing on wooden trellis and up close

Lush vining plant full of flowers, Mandevilla are ideal for patios because of their showy nature.  They prefer well-draining soil with lots of organic matter mixed in and they are a tropical flower and thrive in full sun.

Create an indoor herb garden by a sunny window, indoor or out!

assorted herbs potted on windowsill indoors on potting bench outdoors and being potted up4. Herbs

Herbs are a delight to grow, for their beauty and culinary contributions.  They can be grown indoors or out in large containers or small with the proper soil, light and care.  They can offer a wonderful scent to bring the outdoors in and when sitting on the patio, the edible attributes out.   

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Extend your living space by setting up garden rooms. These plants will help to achieve that look...

5. AlocasiaAlocasia plants outdoors assorted varieties

Available in an assortment of varieties from tall Elephant Ear Alocasias to the smaller, more descrete, they will allow you create a more tropical feel and help you to define a space.  Shade or morning sun works great for Alocasia outdoors. However, varieties with larger leaves, thicker leaves, and darker leaves do tolerate full sun once they are tempered. Plant in a well-draining potting soil both indoors and out.

6. Palms palm plants outdoors

Want to bring the sunny, carefree vibes of the coastal beaches to your home with some breezy palm trees, but don’t want to go all out with a full-sized tree? These mini palms are nice and compact, so they make great accent plants for the home or yard when you grow them in containers. They provide incredible lighting effects when the sun's rays shine through and creating a lovely calming effect.

7. Asparagus Fernasparagus fern in landscape

Well who wouldn't want this enchanting creature in their landscape, creating a diversion or defining a space?  Asparagus Ferns prefer part sun to shady locations.

8. Begoniasbegonias houseplants assorted outdoors

They can add color through their foliage and flowers, begonias are available in an assortment of varieties and can do well indoors and out.

9. Cannascanna plant with red bloom outdoors in white container

These showy plants offer so much with their stunning paddle-like leaves and brightly colored blooms.  They can help to define an area, add color to an otherwise drab space and act as barriers if need be.  Cannas prefer full sun.  Soil for Cannas should be rich, moist, slightly acidic soil. Cannas need consistent water and evenly moist soil. Water often, especially in extreme heat. Insufficient water will cause the leaves to tear or crack.  Source: the Spruce

10. HibiscusHibiscus flower red

If you're looking for stunning tropical flowers for your outdoor oasis, Hibiscus is for you. It thrives in well-drained, enriched soils with neutral to slightly acidic pH. Water deeply and regularly during the first growing season to establish an extensive root system; reduce frequency once established. Apply a general fertilizer before new growth begins in spring.

Looking to bring a little of the tropics indoors? We have 15 houseplants that range from large to small and that have various light requirements that will do just that.

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