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summer loving plants rudbeckia, salvia, dahlia

8 Summer Loving Plants

Adding color to your garden isn't just for spring.  There are many plants that love the summer heat and some do double duty by being drought tolerant and better yet, attract pollinators.  We've selected 8 of our favorite Summer Loving plants that looks amazing and will look even better in your California landscape. 

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blending or blurring the lines between garden and home with houseplants, herbs and shrubs

Blurring The Lines Between Inside & Out

When the option of adding on to your home isn’t available or you find yourself outdoors more than in, blending your home and garden is a great way to extend the living area.  Once you’ve successfully stopped limiting your thought of home as just the structure itself and see your entire property as home, you will find a much greater space to love.

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2 images with the first showing yellow yarrow and salvia and the second agapanthus growing next to a white stucco walled home

Plants That are Incredibly Water-Wise

Whether you are looking for plants that won't droop in the heat or plants that give your garden that Mediterranean vibe, you can continue to grow a beautiful and lush California landscape while using less water.

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9 different varieties of potted houseplants in a row in different pots

A Home for Houseplants

Is Your Home Missing Something? - How About a Houseplant!

We have a beautiful selection of houseplants to choose from for any space in your home plus... our resident experts are always available in-store to help you with your houseplant needs.  Check this out...

Houseplant Inspiration!
3 images of pollinators - the first is a hummingbird, the second a butterfly on lavender and the third is 2 bees extracting pollen from a yellow flower

Attracting Our Pollinator Friends to The Garden

Looking to attract those wonderful pollinator friends to your garden?  We have some great tips and plants to help you do just that.

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succulents in rustic containers, assorted succulents, cactus in peach and pebble pottery and single succulents in modern pots

The Succulent Way

Succulents are one of the most versatile plants available.  Their many varieties, shapes and colors, can stand alone in beauty or complement other like-minded plants. We’ve pulled together some great information on these amazing plants to show you how easily they can be incorporated into your home and garden.

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