Find Easier Ways To Water During The Summer

Water wise gardening and products to support, meter, drip system, mulch, plant pal

Not sure if your plants are getting enough water during the warmer temps? Here's 9 of our best to make regulating your watering a little easier this summer....

EcoFlo 50ft. Soaker Hose

1. Utilize Soaker Hoses

Soaker hoses allow you to put the water exactly where your plants need it. SF Gate's, How to Lay a Soaker Hose, shares the best way to accomplish that.

Available at SummerWinds:

  • Bond Eco Flow
  • 50 feet
  • Perfect for gardens around shrubs and walkways
  • 1/2 inch

plant moisture meter

2. Soil Moisture Sensor Meter - Soil Water Monitor

Indoor or outdoor use. Take the guess work out of the watering needs of your plants with this handy little tool. Insert the probe int the soil approximately 3 to 4 inches to receive your reading.

A closeup of a clear glass Syndicate Never Dry Plant Pal in a houseplant.

3. Place A Plant Pal

This handy little tool is perfect for houseplants and other small container gardens. Simply place in the plant and water, encouraging the plant do the work. The plant will utilize the water as needed. Available in an assortment of colors.

foxfarm bush doctor coco loco coconut coir potting mix 2 cu ft bag

4. Bush Doctor® Coco Loco® Potting Mix

Plants growing in Coco Loco® by FoxFarm will not require water as often as your usual potting mix. Whether you’re growing in hanging baskets, vertical gardens, containers, or seedling trays, extend your watering schedule. In most climates, every two to three days will be enough. Always adjust your watering schedule as needed. Triple washed to reduce salt content.

Foxfarm ocean forest potting soil

5. Foxfarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil

Ocean Forest® is a powerhouse blend of aged forest products, sphagnum peat moss, earthworm castings, bat guano, fish emulsion, and crab meal. Aged forest products, sandy loam, and sphagnum peat moss give Ocean Forest® its light, aerated texture. Start with Ocean Forest® and watch your plants come alive! Designed for containers and ready to use right out of the bag.

2 cu ft. bag of redi-gro bark mulch

6. Redi-Gro Bark Mulch

Mulching – or covering a garden surface with a layer of mulch material – provides many advantages to your summer landscape but the biggest and the most important advantage is retaining water and water conservation.  If you haven’t yet, now is a wonderful time to lay down some material.  Don’t worry, we’re here to help make sense of mulch!

3 jars of soil moist granules

7. Soil Moist

Soil Moist stores water and releases it as plants need it. Ideal for Containers, Baskets, and VegetablesSoil Moist must be incorporated into the soil at the root level of the plant/green good. Source:

A person installing a drip system above weed barrier and between various shrubs.

8. DIG Drip Irrigation

  • This is a highly effective way of supplying just the right amount of water directly to the soil. There is little water loss due to evaporation or runoff.
  • Regular Price: varies
  • Selection may vary by location

gilmour water timer next to geraniums with drip

9. Gilmour® Single Outlet Electronic Water Timer

The Gilmour electronic timer allows you to save time and prevent over-watering by setting it for a desired watering period and letting it do the rest.   Source