August Gardening Calendar

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Wondering What You Should Be Doing In Your Garden?

Below is a calendar of key things you can be doing in your garden during the month of August.

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Approximate Timing & August Gardening Activities:

Early August

  • This is the peak vegetable harvest season. Make sure to keep picking that summer squash so it doesn't stop producing.
  • Watermelon Day! Do you know what goes well with watermelon? Herbs! - Try it with Mint or Basil.  Check out this recipe from Love & Lemons.
  • Check your drip irrigation sprinklers to make sure plants are getting adequate deep water. Drip irrigation emitters typically emit less water than pop up sprinklers and often need to run for a longer duration.

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  • Apply a thick layer of mulch around plants to help with moisture retention late summer’s heat.
  • If you are making sauces get your jars and supplies ready.
  • Cucumber beetles that look like evil green ladybugs make holes in your squash and green bean leaves. Do preventive spraying with Captain Jacks Dead Bug (active ingredient Spinosad).
  • Now is a great time to do one last feeding for the year on your camellias with Azalea Camellia Gardenia food. They can start setting flower buds as early as September.

Late August

  • Keep checking irrigation for leaks or critters chewing on it for moisture.
  • It’s Eat a Peach Day! Well of course it is.
  • Outdoor dining is no fun with Yellow Jackets. Use the yellow jacket traps 10 feet away from where you want to be. Remember the traps have an attractant and you don't want them coming to you!
  • Water properly by watering slowly and deep. Ensure the water is soaking deep into the soil to avoid shallow watering. Frequent shallow watering can use more water and cause plant stress. Watering deep helps promote deeper root systems and can help plants be more drought tolerant.
  • Check your lawn sprinklers for coverage. Make sure it is getting where you intend it to go by using cups spaced out at three-foot intervals.
  • Summer pruning of fruit trees to help control size.  Check out our How-To-Prune Video.

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