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The Best Bulbs to Plant in Fall

Our fall bulb collection is here, and the best time to plant them is quickly approaching! From colorful flowering bulbs to delicious edibles, we've got an incredible selection of fall bulbs to make your 2022 garden the most impressive one yet. Here's a selection of some of our favorite fall bulbs to plant now for a garden bursting with color once spring temperatures begin to rise.

gardener planting spring flowering bulb in the fallWhen Should You Plant Bulbs in California?

Spring-flowering bulbs need to be planted in fall or early winter because they require cold stratification. The chilling period allows the bulb to lay dormant and absorb nutrients from the soil in preparation for its spring growth spurt. Once the temperature rises, that's the cue for your bulbs to start growing! If they don't go through that natural cycle of cold followed by warm, they won't bloom properly.

In Northern California, the best time to plant your fall bulbs is any time between October and January. In Southern California, you're better off waiting until late December or January to plant your bulbs. Curious about what kinds are available now? Here are our top picks!

The Best Flower Bulbs to Plant in Fall

A closeup of a variety of colorful tulips - pink and white, yellow, red, purple, and yellow-orangeTulips

Planting tulip bulbs in fall is an absolute must! These classic spring flowers are a hallmark of the season, and they're available in a fabulous spectrum of colors. They last for a long time in cut bouquets as well, so they're lovely for indoor holiday decorating around Easter and Mother's Day.


These lush, voluminous blooms look like a cross between a rose and a carnation. Their silky petals and rich colors bring an air of romance to the scenery. Plant them in your garden bed or containers, ideally in a spot with morning sun and afternoon shade.

red sparaxis flowering spring bulbSparaxis

Also known as the Harlequin flower, these spring-blooming beauties make quite the splash! The vibrant, trumpet-shaped blossoms have a contrasting-colored star in the center. Our multi-colored Sparaxis bulb variety packs look absolutely amazing in mass planting!

Bearded Iris

There's something so dreamy and elegant about bearded irises. They are classified as rhizomatous bulbs. With ruffled petals that look like silky tapestries, and the promise of their return every spring with their showy blooms—they are a definite must-have. We especially love the 'Chasing Rainbows' variety, with pearly petals splashed with rosy-pink, warm gold, and purple.

allium spring flowering bulbAlliums

You may be surprised to hear these fanciful flowers are members of the onion family! Who knew onions could look so whimsical? With perfectly spherical purple blooms, your garden will look like it's growing giant lollipops! The local butterflies will surely notice and stop by for a visit if you plant these bulbs in the fall.

The Best Edible Bulbs to Plant in Fall


You can never have too much garlic! Does anyone else out there always double up on the recommended garlic amount whenever they follow a recipe? While garlic does take a long time to mature, if you plant these edible bulbs in late fall or winter, you'll get to enjoy a scrumptious harvest the following summer.

gardener planting spring flowering bulb planting bulbs in the ground and lining them up with a stake and stringOnions

You can never run out of uses for this delicious, versatile, and highly nutritious veggie! That potent flavor brings such a wonderful savory, aromatic quality to your dishes. We really love our 'Red Karmen' variety, with a deep burgundy color and a slightly spicy flavor. 'Stuttgarter Yellow' onions are spicy when raw, mild when cooked, and will last for a very long time in the pantry.


A staple of French cuisine, these sweet, mild mini onions are perfect for creamy soups and sauces, holiday casseroles, and garden vegetable stir-fries. Roast them underneath a whole chicken with fresh garden herbs for a flavorful main course with a comforting and nostalgic quality.

There are plenty more spring-blooming bulbs where that came from!

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