Spring Edible Bulbs

Onion and garlic bulbsGet an Edible Start on Bulbs

Onion Bulbs

All of the onion varieties below, vary slightly in flavor, texture, and color, but can usually be substituted for one another. In terms of cooking, they will all behave the same in the pan.

Red, white, yellow and green onions bulbs mixed togetherVarieties:
  • Red - Red Onions grow well in most soils in full sun. Their red color ranges from a deep red to a purple and they produce a round to flat onion with a fantastic, slightly spicy taste.
  • Yellow Onion - The firm skin of this yellow onion makes it a great variety for storage. The yellow onion is best used for cooking. It’s hot when eaten raw but the heat of the onion dissipates during cooking.
  • White Onion - White papery skin with a slightly sharp, zesty, flavor. Often used in Mexican cooking.
    • Not all varieties available at all locations

Garlic Bulbs

assorted garlic from spring bulbsVarieties:
  • Elephant Garlic - Elephant Garlic earned its name for its size, how it smells and for how it tastes but not because it is garlic. It’s actually a member of the leek family.
  • California Garlic - This is a great variety as it is an early season harvest, offers a nice mild flavor, stores well, and produces 10 to 16 cloves per head. What more could you want?
  • Red German Garlic - Known for its bold and spicy flavor profile, it adds a robust garlic taste to various dishes like stir-fries, sauces, and marinades, and it's prized for its vibrant red cloves.
  • Duganski Garlic - A hardneck garlic variety known for its rich, complex flavor with spicy undertones. It's often used in culinary dishes, including roasts, sauces, and soups, adding a robust and aromatic garlic taste.
  • Music Garlic - Also a hardneck variety, it boasts a strong, robust flavor with a hint of heat. It's a versatile choice for cooking, enhancing dishes like pasta, roasted vegetables, and salad dressings with its rich garlic taste.
  • Purple Glazer Garlic - Characterized by its striking purple-striped cloves and mellow yet slightly spicy flavor, it is often used in gourmet dishes, salsas, and for decorative purposes.
    • Not all varieties available at all locations

Red Shallot Bulbs

red shallots bulbs

Where would be without shallots? They're often seen in French cuisine, where they're featured in classic sauces such as mignonette. They're also indispensable to Asian dishes—often crisp-fried or ground into curry pastes.

Milder in flavor than red onions, but more assertive than yellow, with a hint of garlic flavor. Uses: Thinly sliced and fried for topping Thai curried noodles, congee, or deviled eggs; minced into basic vinaigrettes for added crunch and flavor. You'll need shallots to make the Ultimate Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole, and we love them roasted under a whole chicken.