decorating with poinsettias, red poinsettia on table, one in hanging basket and an up close of a white one

Decorating with Poinsettias for the Holidays

Poinsettias have been a staple of holiday decor for hundreds of years, gracing our living rooms and mantelpieces with bright colors over the holiday season. Known for their classic green foliage and red flower bracts, they’re a sure way to bring seasonal spirit to your home. Much like other Christmas decor, arranging them around the house is an opportunity for creativity and to try something new. Here are some beautiful ways to use poinsettias this winter!

red poinsettia planted in basket with other plantsLiving Floral Arrangement

 Let your creativity shine by creating a living floral arrangement in a large pot or vase. Arrange your potted poinsettias around small evergreens or intersperse with blooming amaryllis and tuck moss into any remaining crevices. You can also add ornaments to your beautiful living display. Use these arrangements to flank your front door or fireplace or to add some holiday decor to an under-decorated corner.

Cut Flower Centerpiece

In addition to being the perfect houseplants for seasonal decor, poinsettias make an excellent cut flower. Instead of opting for traditional potted poinsettias on your holiday table, try snipping individual blooms and placing them in small clear vases. You can group these together in displays—you can even use different colors of poinsettias for this!—or set just a few out for a more understated look. The key is to singe the end with a candle or match right after you cut them, so their milky sap doesn’t escape. Then place them in water, and they’ll last up to two weeks! 

red poinsettia under christmas treePoinsettia Gift Boxes

Your Christmas tree can look awfully lonely without presents around it. While you wait for Santa, place your poinsettias inside gift-wrapped boxes around your tree. Choose a cardboard box roughly the same size as your poinsettia pot and leave the top open. Cover it in wrapping paper of your choice and place your poinsettia inside with a pot and saucer included. Surround the poinsettias with moss or tissue paper. The result is a box that appears like an ordinary gift on the bottom but with a stunning poinsettia bursting from the top.

Poinsettia Christmas Tree

A pyramid of poinsettia plants can rival your traditional evergreen Christmas tree for beauty during the holidays. You only need a few discreet boxes of varying sizes and your poinsettias. Use the boxes to form your pyramid base by stacking as many as you safely can—three to five should do!—and then place your poinsettias on the boxes and the floor to create your pyramid shape. Be sure to hide the boxes behind the houseplants so all you see is a decorative tree of flowers and foliage. For added cheer, decorate with ribbons or tinsel.

trimming red poinsettiaPoinsettia Garland or Wreath

Real poinsettia flowers can elevate any piece of holiday decor, and evergreen garlands or wreaths are no exception. Thankfully, poinsettias can live outside during California’s mild winter, so whether your greenery is indoors or out you can add some color and life to your decor with poinsettia flowers. Get some floral water tubes from your local craft or floral supply store, fill them with water, and then place individual flower stems in each tube. Then place your poinsettias into your garland or wreath and enjoy their beauty.

Few houseplants bring such vibrant color to your home during the winter as poinsettias. With a palette including white and pink as well as the classic pure red, they not only serve as a staple of holiday decor but double as versatile houseplants to enjoy throughout the winter. To view poinsettias for your CA decor, visit our garden centers in Campbell, Cupertino, Dublin, Novato, and Palo Alto!