Gardening with a Purpose

Explore Plants that Love the Heat and are Water-Wise

Today, water conservation and climate change are top of mind for most gardeners. Discover a variety of plants that are droop-proof, thrive in the heat, and that can be grown as part of a sustainable, Mediterranean garden. Keep reading, to learn more!

Loropetalum, green lomandra longifolia tanika, hibiscus, and Mexican Bush Sage (Salvia leucantha).

Assorted plants that refuse to droop in the heat starting with coleonema, agapanthus, phormium, salvia and lantanaDroop Proof Plants

There are many wonderful plants that offer beauty, color and texture, but few offer those qualities PLUS refuse to droop and drag their leaves in excessive heat. Drought tolerant and easy to maintain once established, check out these 10 Droop Proof Plants.

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Perennials that thrive in the heat of summer starting with hibiscus, bougainvillea, lavender and cordylines Some Plants Like It Hot, Hot, Hot!

With the heat of summer coming on, there are some plants that just can't hang... But we have a list of 8 plants that LOVE the heat, and they look amazing in it!

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An assortment of Mediterranean plants starting with kangaroo paw, spanish lavender, agave, spurge and yarrowCreate a Mediterranean-Inspired Landscape

We are fortunate to live in an area suitable for Mediterranean plants, allowing us to recreate the charm of places like Spain, Italy, or Greece. Mediterranean gardens are notable for their beauty, drought tolerance, and inclusion of edible plants, making them ideal for California's Bay Area landscapes.

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More Plants and Gardening Inspiration

Explore the links below to discover tips on dry, shade gardening, incorporating succulents into your garden landscape, and determining your garden's sunlight exposure so you can choose plants that will thrive in your landscape.

Dry shade areas are typically found under the canopy of trees or buildings, where the combination of shade and competition for water from larger plants makes it difficult for many plants to thrive. Explore a variety of beautiful plants that are perfect for growing in these conditions!

Botanically, the word "succulent" refers to plants that store water in their leaves, stems, or both. There are numerous types and species of succulents, with a fascinating array of colors, shapes and sizes. Succulents not only enhance our landscapes with their beauty but also contribute to water conservation due to their efficient water storage.

Not sure if your garden has enough sun for some of the plants mentioned in the Droop-Proof Plants, Plants That Like it Hot, or Mediterranean Climate Plants? Check out our blog to find out how much sun your garden actually gets.