June Gardening Calendar

june gardening calendar showing the tips

Wondering What You Should Be Doing In Your Garden?

Below is a calendar of key things you can be doing in your garden during the month of June.

melons, tomatoes, plant in soil with elements and woman applying mulch in garden

June Gardening Calendar

Approximate Dates & Gardening Activities:

June 1 - Check the irrigation, temperatures are rising.

June 3 - Stay on top of your weeding.

June 4 - Add summer color, vinca is here and loves the heat.

June 6 - National Gardening Exercise Day

June 8 - Check veggies for harvesting, squash, strawberries, artichokes, blueberries, and early fruit trees.

June 10 - Great selection of supports for your tomato crops. There is still time to get them planted.

June 11 - Fertilize flowers, roses, and veggies to keep them blooming.

June 13 - National Weed Your Garden Day

June 17 - Warm days and mild nights perfect for planting peppers, melons, okra for the summer.

June 18 - Father's Day! - We have great tools, plants, and more just for Dad.

June 21 - Refresh mulch to help conserve moisture.  Place bark around flowers & compost around veggies.

June 23 - Overcast mornings-powdery mildew season for roses, begonias, euonymus

June 24 - Dead head roses and other flowers

June 25 - Keep an eye out for naughty bugs, aphids, thrips, use Insecticidal Soap

June 29 - Remove standing water from the garden to reduce Mosquitos

June 30 - Use Soil Moist in pots to help reduce water

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