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Bayer Advanced™

Bayer Advanced products are easy to use and highly effective each and every time you use them. It is estimated that more than 40 percent of shoppers walk away from lawn and garden aisles empty-handed and confused. No more! Bayer Advanced eliminates this confusion with convenient measuring features and easy-to-read instructions... with beautiful results!

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Bond Manufacturing began operations as an importer of bamboo product over 50 years ago. While this heritage still remains a part of their business today, Bond has transformed into a leader within the outdoor consumer products category.

Bond has earned its trust by always fully standing behind every product and program it presents. Through efficient and cost-effective production, Bond offers the balance of quality and value. Through constant improvement of products, merchandising and point of purchase vehicles, they continue to deliver positive results and sales growth in all their categories.

Bond is committed to bringing you the very best in quality, service, value and innovation.

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For over 80 years, Bonide has been committed to providing the best possible solutions for your home, lawn and garden pest problems.

They also offer a complete line of Garden Naturals - effective, time-tested solutions that Bonide has been marketing since long before it was “hip to be green”.

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Botanical Interests®

Why Their Product is Unique

Botanical Interests’ goal is to inspire and educate the gardener in you, so that you can create beautiful and prolific gardens. That is why, since 1995 they have been supplying gardeners with the highest quality seeds in the most beautiful and informative seed packets on the market.

Curtis and Judy started Botanical Interests because they believed that gardeners were not getting the information they needed from their seed packets. Their desire for more information—along with their passion for spreading gardening wisdom—led them to create a unique seed packet that is not only beautiful, but is also filled with facts, tips, recipes and quality seeds. Not only are the seeds inside their packets the highest quality available, the packets are designed to give you the information you need to be a more successful gardener!

  • Over 600 high-quality varieties
  • Many heirloom seed varieties
  • A large selection of USDA Certified Organic seed varieties
  • Guaranteed—the germination rate of every variety is tested before they package it
  • All their seed is untreated

No GMOs—they enthusiastically signed the SAFE SEED PLEDGE: They do not knowingly buy, sell or trade genetically engineered seeds or plants.

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Dave Wilson Nursery

Dave Wilson Nursery is the largest producer of deciduous fruit, nut and shade trees in the nation. Still family owned, the nursery has been in operation since 1938. With over 2,000+ acres in production in the beautiful San Joaquin Valley, Dave Wilson Nursery services both the commercial and Home Garden markets. Specializing in producing the newest and best tasting hybrid stone fruit available, the main focus is still to grow those "old time favorites" varieties that every homeowner remembers eating as a kid.

All of the fruit trees produced by Dave Wilson Nursery are hand crafted using the same techniques introduced by Luther Burbank back in the early 1900's. By using modern nursery production techniques on both traditional varieties and the newer GMO-free hybrids, the highest quality bareroot nursery stock is produced each winter. Offering over 500 unique varieties of deciduous edibles, there's now a fruit tree available to meet every homeowner's specific desire for their own backyard orchard.

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Still growing since it’s founding in 1981, DIG was one of the very first American companies to produce and provide high-quality, low-volume water conservation products to the US markets. 

David Levy, the co-founder and president of DIG, created and fostered a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction; a philosophy that has become a cornerstone of the company, and is one reason why DIG has grown to become a worldwide leader in manufacturing and producing efficient, environmentally friendly irrigation products.

As DIG’s growth accelerated, and the product lines expanded to include a full array of battery operated controllers, drip emitters, filters, micro-sprinklers, solar powered controllers, and a wide variety of dripper-line to efficiently irrigate plants in different soil types.

At DIG, conserving water and the Earth’s natural environment has always been a primary focus. Although the company is now exporting to customers around the world, DIG remains dedicated to developing, producing, and providing the most efficient and highest quality water conservation products that preserve and conserve our precious natural resources for generations yet to come.

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Since 1994, EarthBox® has been the pioneer in container gardening systems. The patented EarthBox® gardening system was developed by commercial farmers, and proven in the lab and on the farm. Their maintenance-free, award-winning, high-tech growing system controls soil conditions, eliminates guesswork and more than doubles the yield of a conventional garden… with less fertilizer, less water and virtually no effort! Perfect for small spaces.

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E.B. Stone™

Since their beginning in 1916, horticulturists at E.B. Stone have continued to perfect their formulas—and creat new ones, as well. The result is a new generation of 21st century fertilizers, soils for indoor use, all natural pest controls, and soil amendments for all of your garden and landscape needs.

The proof of their efforts is when you see what happens in your own garden with their Green All and E.B. Stone Organics.

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Matsuda's Nursery

Matsuda’s Nursery grows quality plants, built on artful tradition since 1957. Matsuda’s 168 acres of growing grounds are located in the Sacramento Area of Northern California. There, they grow a broad assortment of perennials, succulents, trees, and shrubs, continuously introducing new plants to the product line. In addition to Matsuda’s product, the nursery is an authorized grower for premium brands like
Sunset Western Garden Collection™, Encore Azalea®, Proven Winners®, and Anthony Tesselaar® Plants.

Matsuda’s is a family owned and operated business, and has multiple generations of families that have worked on site since its inception 58 years ago. Refining the trade through years of practice, it’s the quality born from these experts that sets Matsuda’s apart from other growers, and guarantees plants grown with meticulous care.

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McCalls Nurseries, Inc.

McCall’s Nurseries, Inc. has been growing plant material for the wholesale horticulture industry since 1978 in Fresno, California.

As a 4th generation family owned business, McCall’s Nurseries, Inc. has a goal to produce high quality plants while meeting the need of their customers by giving good, dependable service with competitive pricing at all times.

McCall’s Nurseries, Inc. operates on 60 acres and serves Central and Northern California markets, supplying independent garden centers, re-wholesale brokers and landscape contractors. Their product line consists of perennials, woody ornamentals, trees, vines, roses and hydrangeas. Container sizes range from quarts to #24” box specimens.

McCall’s Nurseries, Inc. is currently increasing inventory of branded plant programs such as the Endless Summer Collection, First Editions, and Sunset Western Garden Collection. The selections within these programs will provide customers/consumers with exciting new and improved varieties for continued garden success.

During the recent drought years, McCall’s Nurseries, Inc. has been continuing to increase their emphasis on plant selections that perform well in low water use conditions.

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As their logo states, they have been a Horticultural Craftsmen since 1926. Monrovia grows the healthiest, highest quality plants for you to create outdoor spaces that will thrive for years to come. Their plants are nurtured with attention to every detail, to ensure vibrancy and lasting beauty. And whether you’re an experienced green thumb or an admirer of nature who is digging in for the first time, they are there with guidance and inspiration to help you achieve success.

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Redi-Gro Soil Amendments

Redi-Gro Corporation is dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer expectations! They strive to make each customer a growing success. Since 1978, a knowledgeable, helpful staff and excellent products have made Redi-Gro the vendor of choice. Redi-Gro is a "full-line" lawn and garden vendor that manufactures and distributes all categories of soil amendment products and supplies.

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The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company is the world's largest marketer of branded consumer lawn and garden products.

Scotts’ Business

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company is proud to bring the most recognized lawn and garden brands in the industry. Their headquarters is located in Marysville, Ohio, where O.M. Scott began selling lawn seed in 1868. The company has grown to be an industry leader with regional offices and research facilities across the U.S., and businesses in Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Scotts’ Brands

In the U.S., the company's Scotts®, Miracle-Gro® and Ortho® brands are market leaders in their categories, as is the consumer Roundup® brand—which is marketed in North America and most of Europe exclusively by Scotts.

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Suncrest Nurseries, Inc.

Suncrest Nurseries, Inc. is a California wholesale grower of uber‐cool fine garden and landscape plants.

Carrying on with a 25 year tradition of growing quality and beauty, Suncrest Nurseries has taken the lead on growing thousands of varieties of drought smart and flashy plants suitable for the California and Pacific Northwest landscapes. Inventory of plants include original California natives, showy vines, bamboos, grasses, flowering shrubs, perennials and ferns.

Suncrest provides a wide range of garden alternatives for the traditional lawn‐scape, and feels passionate about growing strong options for a sustainable environment. The demand for new solutions is high, and the nursery’s 70 acres of growing fields are filled with millions of beneficial plants for all plant lovers.

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Upstarts Organic Seedlings

Upstart Organic Seedlings, owned by Sarah and Basil Machado, has been growing and distributing organic seedlings since 1989. Located in the heart of the Monterey Bay, they operate two large greenhouses in Watsonville. Their primary focus is supplying seedlings to wholesale buyers at nurseries in the Napa Valley, San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas. They were one of the first bedding growers to be certified organic in the state of California, and have been certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) since 1991.

For over 20 years, they have been providing heirloom or hybrid vegetables and herbs for SummerWinds Nursery. The plant varieties they grow are selected for their flavor and quality, as well as local growing conditions, vigor, and disease resistance. Like SummerWinds Nursery, Upstarts keeps an eye out for new trends in both the nursery and culinary industries and enjoys sourcing unusual and hard-to-find plant varieties for their valued customers.

Started from seeds or cuttings, seedlings can be transplanted when their growing needs require it. Starts can be purchased in bedding 6-pack containers, 4-inch pots, and 1-gallon containers ready to be taken home and planted in either containers or prepared beds.

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Valley Verde

Valley Verde is a non-profit organization whose commitment to the Bay Area, is to help low-income families by giving them the tools and education to grow and sustain their own garden. SummerWinds Nursery is proud to be a partner of Valley Verde with a commitment of over $10,000 each year to Valley Verde’s Plant • Eat • Share Campaign.

Valley Verde – Mission

Valley Verde is dedicated to develop and support programs that improve the health of Santa Clara County residents and empower them with the knowledge and skills to provide locally-grown vegetables for their communities. They will accomplish this by:

  • Teaching people to become lifelong gardeners by nurturing the culture of gardening, meeting their cultural needs, and raising awareness of health and environmental issues
  • Collaborating with other organizations to improve food system policies and programs
  • Creating leadership opportunities and jobs, and revitalizing low income communities

Donations for Valley Verde accepted year-round at your local SummerWinds Nursery!

Your donation will:
  • Give qualifying participants the planting materials and education needed for year-round organic raised bed gardens
  • Give low-income families access to healthy foods, reduce their grocery costs, and give them life-long gardening skills
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