Bella Moss Collection

Various colors of moss layered in the background with a white circle showing the syndicate home garden logo and bell moss collection plus the words Introducing and lush garden textures and creative natural accents on the image

Belle Moss Collection

The Bella Moss Collection by Syndicate home garden, features all-natural, sustainably-sourced, dried and preserved mosses that add a lush, natural accent to any creative project.

Please note that selections may vary by location.

Sheet Moss

The preserved mosses in this collection are put through a meticulous preservation process. They carefully dry, wash, color enhance and then treat them with a preservative and softener that protects and maintains their lush, natural look.

Their products are pliable and soft to the touch, have less dirt and waste, are longer-lasting with better fade resistance, and require little to no maintenance.

wall display of an assortment of bella moss collection

Forest Moss

Create interesting textures with the unique look of our real, long-lasting, preserved Forest Moss. Add to terrariums, use as a decorative top layer to potted plants or as a creative accent in home decor or craft projects.

Spanish Moss

Terrarium sitting on a slice of wood and inside the terrarium is an echevieria and some spanish bella moss?h=700

The long strands of real, preserved Spanish Moss will add a soft texture and some southern charm to any creative project. They dry, wash, color enhance and the treat the moss with a preservative and softener that protects and maintains its lush, natural look. Fade resistant, long-lasting and easy to use, our Spanish Moss adds a beautiful and rich texture to home decor.

Syndicate home garden bella moss collection  with terrarium glass with 4 different colors of the moss forest green, lime, orange and purple

Reindeer Moss

Create interesting textures in terrariums, and other home decor projects with soft, spongy Reindeer Moss in multiple and vibrant colors.

All of their Reindeer Moss is fire resistant, fade resistant, long-lasting and easy to use. Choose from Chartreuse, Autumn, Natural, Dark Green and Sangria colors.

Five different colors and packages of Bella Moss Collection Syndicate home garden