Cherry Tomato Varieties

Close up of ripe cherry tomatoes on the vine of the plant

If you’re growing tomatoes for the first time, or growing tomatoes in pots, Cherry Tomatoes are a good place to start. Cherry and grape tomatoes are small, usually less than 1” (2.5cm), and grow in large clusters.

Cherry Tomato Varieties

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Black cherry tomatoes growing on the vineBlack Cherry - is an Heirloom variety with deep purplish-red fruit and a lovely tomato taste. It is an impressive Heirloom tomato that offers great resistance to diseases. Indeterminate

Group of Chadwich cherry tomatoes on the vineChadwick Cherry – With a sweet and rich tomato flavor, this variety does not disappoint. They are larger and grow
to 1 inch in size and in clusters of 6. Indeterminate

Indigo rose cherry tomato growing on the vineIndigo Rose Tomato - An eye-catching purple tomato, that turns to a dusky pigment when exposed to direct sunlight. The purple skin boasts high levels of anthocyanins, disease-fighting compounds that help fight cancer, reduce inflammation, and slow the aging process. Indeterminate

Isis Candy cherry tomatoes in a groupIsis Candy Cherry - As the name indicates, the flavor is outstandingly sweet and fruity. A round tomato with shades and blush patterns of reds to yellows. Indeterminate

Juliet grape tomatoes on the vineJuliet Grape – Referred to as a mini roma because of its shape, the crack resistant fruit is sweet. As juicy as regular cherry tomatoes, the Juliet hold up even better in salads and have a longer shelf life. Quite heat tolerant. Vines are long and vigorous, so give the plant room to tumble over its cage. Indeterminate

Lemon cherry tomatoes on the vineLemon Cherry – This variety offers juicy, round, pale yellow cherry tomatoes that are sweet and flavorful. Best when staked. Indeterminate

Riesentraube cherry tomatoes on the vineRiesentraube - This heirloom variety offers sweet, red 1-oz fruit that grows in large clusters. The flavor is sweet, rich and full on tomato flavor.

Sweet 100 cherry tomatoesSweet 100 - this cherry tomato is not only great tasting, it is a heavy producer of sweet, bite-sized tomatoes. A vigorous vine with long trusses. Indeterminate

Sungold cherry tomatoes on the vineSungold - is a great choice if you are looking for a cherry tomato that produces sweet, orange tomatoes that will lend great color to your salads. It’s vigorous vine produces early and continues through first frost. Indeterminate

Sunrise Bumble Bee cherry tomatoes bunched in a bowlSunrise Bumble Bee - is a beautiful orange cherry tomato with red streaks through the flesh. It is a perfect addition to a colorful summer salad. Indeterminate

Sweet million cherry tomatoes on the vineSweet Million – Simply sweet, making them a great snack tomato or a tasty addition to your salads. They are crack-resistant and do well staked or in cages. Indeterminate

Tommy Toe cherry tomatoes in a bowlTommy Toe - Vigorous Heirloom plants that produce hundreds of small, 1-inch cherries, unfazed by heat and humidity. The flavor is very good, not exactly sweet but with an old-fashioned, full, complex flavor.

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Other Tomato Types, Care and Planting

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