Cucumbers Varieties and Care

Cucumbers in a basket, cucumbers and mint in water, cucumber plant and sliced cucumbers

Cucumber Varieties

Fresh cucumbers ready to be picked but still hanging from cucumber plant vine
  • A & C Pickling
  • Armenian Green
  • Cucino Persian
  • Diva
  • Early Spring Burpless
  • English Slender
  • Eversweet
  • Green Finger
  • Homemade Pickles
  • Japanese Climbing
  • Japanese Green Dragon
  • Lemon
  • Lemon (heirloom)
  • Persian Peticue
  • Pick A Bushel
  • Saladmore Bush
  • Straight 8

Planting and Care

Cucumbers do require a great deal of sun so be sure that you are planting them in an area that receives full sun (8 hours of sun/day).  Morning sun is best.

PlantingCucumber plants planted in mounds surrounded by straw

When planting, be sure to space cucumbers 36 to 60 inches apart (12 inches for those cucumbers on trellises) and in small mounds to help the water drain into the soil where the roots are and not around the plant itself.  Cucumbers prefer well-draining soil.  If you are using your native soil, you can easily amend by adding compost or any other rich organic matter.

Companion Plants & Protecting Them

What you plant around your cucumbers can protect them.  Radishes, for example are a perfect companion plant for cucumbers.  By simply planting a few seeds directly in the soil around your cucumbers, those quickly growing plants, repel harmful insects like the cucumber beetles and aphids and add to your tasty salad in the end.

WateringSingle cucumber hanging from cucumber plant with blooms all around

This tip from The Old Farmer’s Almanac on watering is a good one:  The main care requirement for cucumbers is water—consistent watering! They need at least one inch of water per week (or more, if temperatures are sky-high). Put your finger in the soil and when it is dry past the first joint of your finger, it is time to water. Inconsistent watering leads to bitter-tasting fruit.


Apply fertilizer at planting, again - 1 week after bloom, and every 3 weeks thereafter. To help keep plants strong and well fed, fertilize them regularly with E.B. Stone Tomato & Vegetable Food.  It's formulated from quality natural organic ingredients for use throughout the vegetable garden as well as with soft fruits like strawberries. It will contribute to even plant growth without producing excessive foliage at the expense of fruit.