July Gardening Calendar

july gardening calendar with tips on the right

Wondering What You Should Be Doing In Your Garden?

Below is a calendar of key things you can be doing in your garden during the month of July.

july gardening calendar tips images of zucchini, deadheading flower, water irrigation scheduler, drip irrigation in strawberries

Approximate Timing & July Gardening Activities:

Early July

A staked tomato plant being watered by drip irrigation.


  • Check your watering schedule.  Timing is important – Plants like deep soaks less often.  And be sure to water in the early morning to conserve water.

Late July

  • With warmer weather we are seeing more Thrips on roses – use Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew. 
  • Start checking for fruit and don't let your zucchini fruit get too big before picking, 6 to 8" is good.
  • Dead head any spent flowers to keep the blooms coming.

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