red amaryllis

Allow Your Holiday Amaryllis To Shine With Companion Plants

Amaryllis is typically grown as a single, potted indoor plant. However, you can create attractive seasonal displays by placing your amaryllis alongside other indoor plants. Here are some companion plants that will both complement the beauty and care requirements of the amaryllis.


1. Paperwhites

These are often grown together with amaryllis because they share similar care requirements and bloom during the winter months. They can create a lovely contrast in height and color.

red poinsettia potted in cream container with gift sitting beside

2. Poinsettias

Poinsettias are popular holiday plants with vibrant red or white bracts, and they pair nicely with amaryllis during the festive season.

potted red christmas cactus

3. Christmas Cacti

These succulent plants produce colorful blooms and thrive in similar indoor conditions as amaryllis. Their long-lasting blooms can complement the amaryllis.

sansevieria or snake houseplant

4. Snake Plant

Also known as Sansevieria, the upright, sword-shaped leaves of snake plants can provide an interesting textural contrast when placed near an amaryllis. Snake plants are also easy to care for. They are often grown together with amaryllis because they share similar care requirements. Plus, they can create a lovely contrast in height and color.

potted spider houseplant

5. Spider Plant

Spider plants have arching green and white leaves, adding a touch of elegance to your indoor plant collection. They are low-maintenance and can grow well with amaryllis.

maidenhair fern houseplant potted in red container

6. Ferns

Various fern varieties, such as Boston ferns or maidenhair ferns, can add a soft, feathery texture to your plant display. They often appreciate similar humidity levels as amaryllis.

alocasia or african mask housplant potted

7. Alocasia

The bold, striking leaves of Alocasia can complement the elegance of amaryllis flowers. They require a similar level of care when it comes to light and humidity.

ivy houseplant potted

8. Ivy (Hedera)

Ivy can cascade gracefully from hanging baskets or grow as a trailing plant in pots. Ivy pairs well with amaryllis, providing contrast to the height of amaryllis blooms, with its trailing growth habit.

woman holding one of many small assorted colors of kalanchoe houseplants

9. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is a  succulent plant known for its colorful, long-lasting flowers and thick, fleshy leaves. It comes in various vibrant hues and is a popular choice since it is resiliant and low maintenance. 

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