Attracting pollinators to your California Bay Area garden is vital. These busy buddies, like bees and butterflies, help plants reproduce, ensuring a vibrant and colorful landscape. Plus, they're nature's little helpers, supporting local biodiversity and crop production. So, roll out the floral carpet, provide nectar-rich flowers, and watch your garden come alive with fluttering wings and delightful pollination magic!

Learn which plants attract beneficial bees and how to create habitats to keep them thriving

Learn which plants attract butterflies and how to create a habitat to protect them

Learn which plants draw birds and the habitats that support them.

Learn which plants attract hummingbirds and how to create a habitat just for them

Learn how to certify your green space as a wildlife habitat. Chances are, you’ve already taken some of the necessary steps.

Native plants do the best job of providing food and shelter for native wild animals and support pollinators.

Creating a wildlife-friendly garden is actually quite attainable. Ready to get started?

Not only will clean bird baths and feeders look nice, but they will also keep your birds healthy.

Encourage visiting beneficials to be permanent pest patrollers by growing flowers that are good producers of nectar and pollen - Create a Bug Tub!

Your backyard birds do a lot more than you probably realize, and you can boost those benefits by taking steps to make your green spaces more bird friendly.

Do’s and Don’ts of Gardening for Bees