2 images of rosemary with the first of rosemary growing in a planter on a balcony and the second image shows rosemary clipped and tied  in twine next to fresh garlic and peppercorns and dried pasta

The Rundown on Rosemary

You know it and love it from all your favorite recipes. Whether it’s in a delicious roast dinner or a herb-infused cocktail, rosemary is a delicious and beautiful herb that you can grow at home. Follow our guide for growing rosemary indoors so you can appreciate the beauty and the flavors of one of the most versatile herbs.

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Rosemary 101

Rosemary grows naturally and thrives in Mediterranean climates. The word ‘rosemary’ means dew of the sea, not that it’s bragging or anything! Even if it were bragging, it would have every right to. Rosemary has an earthy scent and taste that adds amazing flavor and depth to a wide array of dishes. To keep things simple, remember that rosemary comes in two main types: upright shrubs or lower ground cover varieties. Always check the nursery tags to discover if a certain variety will thrive in the conditions you can provide for it!

How to Grow Rosemary

Growing this delicious herb will require heat, plenty of good light, and proper air circulation. Getting these three things right is key. It can be a bit tricky to start the growing process, but once your plant starts, you’ll have plenty to go around. You’ll likely have more than you know what to do with, so dry it out to use all year, or gift cuttings to friends and family.

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Rosemary Sun Requirements

Always look on the bright side when it comes to growing rosemary. Since these plants love light, you’ll want to give it a very bright location when growing indoors or out. Sometimes, additional light from a grow lamp is required when growing inside. For best results, aim for 6-8 hours of sunlight per day.

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Rosemary Soil Requirements

Plant in well-draining soil, which you can let dry out a little bit between waterings. Growing rosemary means you can afford to occasionally neglect your watering duties and it will be just fine, but don’t let it get too dry! Your best bet for growing rosemary indoors is to plant it in a terracotta pot. Terracotta is ideal for regulating the amount of moisture a plant receives, which is key for growing this healthy herb.

Rosemary Care Tips

There are a few more tricks to keep in mind for keeping this herb vibrant and healthy.

Harvesting: The best time to harvest rosemary is just as it begins to bloom. This will be the height of its tastiness! Cut, don’t pull or tear the sprigs. Let it dry out at least a few hours before using it. Don’t harvest more than ¼ of the plant at a time; this will give it time to heal and regrow.

Indoor/outdoor: If you’ve been growing it in an outdoor container and want to bring it inside, you should transplant gradually. A fully outdoor rosemary plant may be shocked by coming inside so suddenly. The decrease in natural light could harm the plant. Gradually move the potted outdoor plant into increasingly shadier locations and finally, inside.

watering rosemary in terra cotta pot summerwinds california

Powdery mildew: One of the most common issues with growing rosemary is powdery mildew, a fungal infection that leaves a white residue on the plant. Prevent this nasty problem with proper air circulation and making sure the roots aren’t saturated in sitting water. You’ll have to either prune off infected powdery mildew areas or treat it with a fungicide.

Augmenting light and humidity indoors: If you’re trying to give your rosemary plant the best chance of survival inside, you may want to consider adding a grow light and get creative with ways to add humidity to your plant area. Add a tray of rocks and water near the plant, or get a humidifier to boost the moisture in the area.

It’s such an incredible herb that you’ll never grow tired of! If you’re looking for rosemary plants in California, or you just want to share your amazing herb recipes with us, please come visit one of our locations. We’d love to help you out (and sample your goodies!)