Soil Amendments

small plants or seedlings coming up from the garden and a second image of a person adding organic matter to the base of plants in the gardenSuccess in the garden starts with healthy, nutrient filled soil and unfortunately most of us are working with soil that could use a little or a lot of help or amending.

What are Soil Amendments?

A soil amendment is anything added to soil to improve the soil’s ability to positively affect a plants growth. There are several reasons soil amendments might be needed but the two most common are the soil’s soil texture and pH.

Amendments at SummerWinds:

Not sure which amendment would be best for your garden? Stop by any of our 5 convenient Bay Area locations and our resident experts can assist you with selecting the right one for your soil

2 cu ft. bag of summerwinds nursery planting mix sitting on the sidewalk in front of green shrub SummerWinds Planting Mix

100% Natural and Organic all-purpose planting mix for flowers, trees, vegetables and ornamentals. Formulated for the Bay Area, this exceptional planting mix has received the CDFA seal of approval. Blended with aged redwood, rice hulls, chicken manure and feather meal.

1 cu ft bag of redi-gro chicken manureRedi-Gro Chicken Manure

This is an excellent source of natural nutrients when rototilled into vegetable and flower gardens. Apply by mixing around the base of trees and shrubs or lightly to top-dress lawn areas.

E.B. stone organics organic compostE.B. Stone Organics Organic Compost

Composts and the organic matter they contain are the foundation of rich garden soils and a key component of successful organic gardens of all kinds making this amendment an invaluable addition to any garden. It’s ideal for use in vegetable gardens and flower beds, around trees and shrubs, and even on lawns. It can be added to the soil at time of planting or used as a surface mulch later on. Ingredients: Compost

1 cuft bag of eb stone organics top soil plus sand loamE.B. Stone Naturals Top Soil Plus

100% Natural Garden Amendment - This general purpose soil mixture developed for virtually any outdoor use, can be used as a fill material in a garden area that needs rebuilding or as a soil conditioner in the garden. Because it doesn’t contain any nutrient value, we suggest you use one of E. B. Stone’s fertilizers in combination with its use in the garden. Ingredients: Sandy loam, redwood compost and mushroom compost.

Earthworm castingsE.B. Stone Organics Earthworm Castings

Super Earthworm Castings, 100% Organic Garden Amendment is a natural organic soil conditioner. It helps loosen hard soils, improve soil aeration and conserve water. An excellent addition to native soils.

1 cuft bag of eb stone naturals steer manure garden amendment E.B. Stone Naturals Steer Manure

E.B. Stone Steer Manure adds important organic matter back to the garden. It is fully composted for best results. Spring is a great time to add steer manure at planting time and again in the fall. Ingredients: Steer Manure

4 lb. box of e.b. stone naturals soil sulfurE.B. Stone Naturals Soil Sulfur

Sulfur is an essential protein ingredient for plants – it helps maintain the green color of leaves and aids in the use of nitrogen fertilizer by the plant. Ultimately lowering the soil’s pH. It will help to acidify native soil.

Peat Moss

8 quart bag of e.b. stone organics peat moss admixE.B. Stone Organics Peat Moss Admix

This is an organic soil additive useful for improving the water retention of all types of soils, including potting mixes. Great for plants that require acidic soil and perfect for new tender roots.

premier peat moss 1cuft bagPremier Spagnum Peat Moss

A Canadian Sphagnum, natural and organic that retains moisture, only to release it when the plant need it. OMRI Listed. An excellent potting mix component. 1 cu ft. Bag


8 quart bag of eb stone organics perlite mixE.B. Organics Perlite Mix

This is a natural mineral that helps improve aeration and drainage for potted plants. It helps promote root growth and since it’s light weight, it’s especially ideal for delicate root systems. It can also help prevent soil from becoming compacted indoors or out.

ready to use premium uni-gro perliteUni-Gro Perlite

This is a lightweight blend of porous granules used in container soil mixes to enhance moisture retention and aeration. Perlite can also be used to aid seed germination and the cultivation of plant cuttings.

For Assistance with Drainage

8 quart bag of e.b. stone organics pumiceE.B. Stone Organics Pumice

This is ideal for mixing into any soil to allow for extra drainage. It is a perfect additive for succulents.

4 quart bag of uni-gro vermiculiteUni-Gro Vermiculite

This soil additive uses its accordion-like particles to amend soil by retaining water, improving aeration and prolonging nutrient release. Its ability to retain both air and water makes vermiculite ideal for conditioning container soils. Vermiculite can also be used for seed germination, bulb storage and flower arranging.

redi gro horticulture sand 50 lb. bagRedi-Gro Horticulture Sand

It’s great for increasing drainage and loosening soil and creating play areas.