We The Wild Organic Houseplant Care

we the wild plant care for houseplants essentials and leaf care duo on table in front of houseplants

Now Available At SummerWinds!

SummerWinds introduces We The Wild's Plant Care collection: an all-organic lineup for houseplants. Boost growth with the Grow Concentrate, shield with Neem Protect Spray, and condition soil with Enrich Powder. Keep leaves lustrous with reusable Cleaning Gloves and special orchid care formulas that encourage blooming. Your one-stop solution for year-round plant vitality.  Selection may vary by location.

we the wild houseplant essentials for total plant care kit surrounded by houseplants

Houseplant Essentials for Total Plant Care

This incredible kit from We The Wild is and Eco-Friendly, all Organic solution for houseplants that will encourage fast growth, healthy leaves and strong, resilient roots. 

  • Grow Concentrate 8 fl oz (236mL) - Full of microbes to promote vigorous growth.  Use each time you water by adding 1/4 tsp. per quart of water. 
  • Protect Spray 17 fl oz (500mL) - Neem is combined with a special microbial blend to tackle even the trickiest of issues.  Simply shake before each use and mist your leaves eavery 2 weeks or more often if you see an active issue with your houseplants.
  • Enrich Powder 14 oz (400g) - Made by earthworms, it's the perfect root builder and soil conditioner.  Sprinkle onto the top soil before watering or through soil when repotting.
we the wild leaf care duo for lush leaves kit surrounded by healthy houseplants

Leaf Care Duo for Lush Leaves

Maintain the lushness and health of your plants all year! The ever-popular We The Wild Leaf Cleaning Gloves, along with the best-selling Protect with Neem oil, provide a dual-action solution to keep your leaves gleaming, clean, and well-protected through every season.

  • Protect Spray with Neem - Shine and protect your leaves with our unique formulation of Australian-inspired ingredients + an effective dose of Neem Oil. It's great for organic gardening, year round, and helps remedy the environmental stressors that make plants struggle. 
  • Leaf Cleaning Gloves - Experience hassle-free leaf care with our premium microfiber Leaf Cleaning Gloves. Designed for simplicity, they're perfect for polishing, purifying, and improving leaves across all sizes. Embrace efficiency and eco-friendliness with these reusable, one-size-fits-all gloves that you can easily refresh in your washing machine.
we the wilds orchid care essential kit with orchids and ferns in the background

Orchid Care Essential Kit

Experience the power of nature with We the Wild's Protect Spray for Orchids, a transformative neem-based formula enhanced with the robust essence of rosemary and geranium oils.

Coupled with their exclusive Bloom Concentrate, Orchids gain an improved resilience against environmental stresses, channeling their vitality into a vibrant display of blooms.

  • Protect Spray for Orchids 250ml - With added geraniol for the specific issues that make Orchids struggle.  Ensuring the Orchid leaves are as dust free as possible, mist the top and underside of the Orchid leaves as well as the stem.
  • Bloom Concentrate 150ml - Their Grow Concentrate has added microbial Bloom Booster for longer-lasting flowers.  After shaking the product well, Squirt 1-2mL per litre into the bottom of your watering container.  Next, dilute with water until it looks like a weak cup of tea and water your orchids.