SuperMoss Collection

super moss terrariums, planters with different kinds of plants and moss

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SummerWinds introduces the SuperMoss Collection: SuperMoss offers a variety of specialty gardening products that are both decorative and good for plant health. Their range includes items that are designed to enhance living spaces, gardens, and special events. These products are known for their innovation, appealing colors, and durability, lasting through many seasons. SuperMoss is committed to customer satisfaction from the start to the end of each project.

Super moss preserved reindeer moss bright green or chartreuse 8 oz.Super moss preserved reindeer moss forest green 2 oz.Super moss preserved reindeer moss white 8 oz.Super moss preserved reindeer moss fuchsia 2 oz.

Preserved Reindeer Moss

Reindeer Moss is known for its refreshing, soft, and cushiony texture, offering an enjoyable experience for those who use it. Its vibrant color is steadfast and enduring, making it ideal for floral arrangements, moss walls and terrariums. Key features include:

  • Durable, maintained moss
  • Delightful to touch with its soft and spongy feel
  • Cleansed thoroughly to eliminate dust and tiny debris
  • Perfect for enhancing soil and adorning container plants
  • An excellent choice for events, interior decoration, and creative crafts
  • Harmless and non-toxic, ensuring safety for humans, animals, and other plants
  • Reindeer Moss that has been naturally desiccated and conserved

Super moss preserved spanish moss green 8 oz.Super moss preserved spanish moss natural 8 oz.

Spanish Moss

SuperMoss Preserved Spanish Moss features a unique, curly, spaghetti-like design that adds a special touch to floral arrangements, artistic projects, and gardens. The moss is sustainably sourced and is available in its natural hue, as well as green to complement various home decor styles. Known for its durability and dependability, it provides enduring appeal. It serves excellently for covering soil or adding elegance to container plants, bulbs, and orchids. Additionally, Spanish Moss acts as a superb natural filler for gift baskets.

  • Durable, preserved Spanish Moss for extended use
  • Attractive, lengthy swirls of moss strands
  • Thoroughly washed and cleaned to eliminate dust and small debris
  • Perfect for topping soil and enhancing the look of potted plants
  • Excellent for use in special events, home decoration, and crafting
  • Safe and non-toxic for humans, animals, and other plants
Super moss spahgnum moss dried natural 8 oz.

Sphagnum Moss

SuperMoss Spaghnum Moss offers lengthy fibers and exceptional ability to retain water make it perfect for lining hanging baskets, covering the soil in window boxes, and for houseplants. Sphagnum moss removes the uncertainty of watering your plants by soaking up to 18 times its own weight in water. It supplies water to the plant roots as required, also ensuring ample oxygenation for the absorption of essential micronutrients by the roots. It's an outstanding soil amendment or top dressing for potted plants, such as Orchids and great for hanging baskets!

  • Capable of absorbing more than 10 times its weight in water, perfect for enriching tropical soils
  • Optimal for growing orchids and succulents
  • Premium 5-star quality with extensive fibers
  • Completely free from pesticides and preservatives for natural purity
  • All moss is handpicked without the use of automated or heavy machinery for eco-friendly harvesting
Super moss Preserved Sheet Moss 8 oz.

Sheet Moss

SuperMoss Sheet Moss imparts a lush, natural appearance to any plant. They ensure the moss is free from dirt and unwanted materials by thoroughly cleaning it. It's user-friendly due to its softness and pliability. One can easily separate it to suit a project/arrangement and snugly fit it around the base of the plant. Not only does Sheet Moss add an elegant touch to centerpieces, but it also plays a crucial role in maintaining soil moisture, contributing to the well-being of the plants.

Super moss forest moss dried 8 oz.Super moss preserved moss fresh green oz.

Forest Moss

SuperMoss Forest Moss is perfectly suited for lining baskets, window boxes, and wire baskets. Available in expansive, flat sheets, it features lush, elongated bristles that effectively retain soil. The robust and fibrous strands are designed to endure frequent watering, preserving the garden's verdant aesthetic. Forest Moss is the go-to choice for achieving a grass-like moss appearance around the bases of plants and atop the soil.

  • Durable, preserved moss for extended beauty
  • Perfect for soil coverage and adorning container plants
  • Excellent for use in events, interior decor, and crafts
  • Harmless and non-toxic, ensuring safety for humans, pets, and plants