Japanese Maple Care & Facts

Japanese Maple tree branches close up

Japanese Maple Care & Facts

Adding a Japanese maple tree to your landscape creates an elegant and vibrantly colored focal point. The size of the Japanese maple and ease of care make it a perfect addition to any yard. Japanese maple tree care requires little effort. By learning how to prune a Japanese maple and ensuring the right amount of water Japanese maple care becomes a breeze. These beautiful trees offers much reward for little work.

Japanese Maple

Planting your Japanese maple in full sun will produce a more vibrant color in fall, but can potentially lead to scorched leaf margins. This condition will lessen as the tree matures. Be sure to dig the planting hole two times the size of the container’s width and the same depth as the container. Planting too deep can lead to rot. During the warm summer months it is important to provide enough water to your Japanese maple tree. Water deeply and slowly at the roots to ensure maximum absorption. In late summer, watering less will lead to more vivid fall colors. A 3 inch layer of mulch will also help with water retention. Be sure the mulch does not touch the base of the trunk.

How to prune a Japanese maple:

Pruning should be done in late winter by cutting only small inner branches. Be sure to prune your Japanese maple before leaf buds open.

Happy Frog Japanese Maple Fertilizer

Fertilizing your Japanese Maple

We recommend Happy Frog® Japanese Maple Fertilizer. It is formulated specifically for Japanese Maple Trees, it containes premium ingredients like bat guano, bone meal, feather meal, and other beneficial microbes to help convert fertilizers into vital plant food.

How to use: for every two feet of plant height use 1/2 cup, and feed monthly throughout the growing season.

Japanese Maple

Plant Facts:

  • Height: 5’ – 25’ tall
  • Bloom Time: Vibrant colors in fall
  • Sun-Shade: Full Sun or partial shade
  • Zones: 5-9
  • Soil Condition: Rich, Well-Draining, Acidic Soil
  • Life Span: Can live upwards of 100 years

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Japanese Maple Tree Varieties

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