Low Growing Shrubs

pieris japonica low growing shrubLow-Growing Shrubs for a Ground-Hugging Garden

A low-growing shrub is a type of shrub that has a compact and spreading growth habit, staying relatively close to the ground. These shrubs typically have a height ranging from a few inches to a few feet, making them ideal for ground covers, borders, or areas where you want to maintain a lower profile. They are often selected for their ability to create a lush and visually appealing carpet-like effect, adding texture and color to the landscape while requiring less maintenance than taller shrubs.

Here are some of our favorite Low-Growing Shrubs can thrive in the Bay Area's climate and provide an attractive and practical solution for various garden designs.

Please note that selection may vary by location

abelia grandiflora kaleidoscope low growing shrubAbelia x grandiflora 'Kaleidoscope' PP

  • Height: Typically reaches 2-3 feet in height with a spreading habit.
  • Foliage: The leaves are variegated with a mix of yellow, green, and bronze colors, providing year-round interest.
  • Flowers: Produces small, fragrant white flowers from summer to fall.
  • Other Features: 'Kaleidoscope' is a compact, evergreen shrub that is drought-tolerant once established. It is known for its multi-colored foliage and attractive form.

Coleonema sunset gold shrub with pink flowers in landscapeColeonema 'Sunset Gold'

  • Height: Usually grows 2-3 feet tall with a spreading habit.
  • Foliage: Features vibrant, golden-yellow foliage that adds color to the landscape.
  • Flowers: Produces small pink flowers that bloom in clusters, typically in late winter to spring.
  • Other Features: 'Sunset Gold' is an evergreen shrub with fine, needle-like leaves. It is drought-tolerant and can tolerate coastal conditions well.

ceanothus yankee point low growing shrubCeanothus 'Yankee Point'

  • Height: Reaches a height of about 2-3 feet with a spreading habit.
  • Foliage: Displays dark green, glossy leaves that provide an attractive backdrop.
  • Flowers: Bears clusters of deep blue flowers in late spring to early summer.
  • Other Features: 'Yankee Point' is a compact evergreen shrub that is drought-tolerant and attracts pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

correa pulchella wyns wonder shrub low growing shrubCorrea Pulchella 'Wyn's Wonder'

  • Height: Typically grows up to 2-3 feet tall with a spreading habit.
  • Foliage: Features leathery, dark green leaves with silver undersides.
  • Flowers: Produces pendulous, bell-shaped flowers in shades of pink or red, often with green-tipped petals. Blooms from late winter to spring.
  • Other Features: 'Wyn's Wonder' is an evergreen shrub that is known for its tolerance of both coastal conditions and some shade. It attracts hummingbirds and is drought-tolerant once established.

pieris japonica low growing shrubPieris Japonica

  • Height: Can grow between 3-10 feet in height, depending on the variety.
  • Foliage: Displays leathery, lance-shaped leaves that are often glossy and evergreen.
  • Flowers: Bears drooping clusters of bell-shaped flowers in various colors, including white, pink, or red. Blooms in late winter to early spring.
  • Other Features: Pieris Japonica is an attractive shrub that prefers acidic soil and partial shade. It adds an elegant touch to the landscape and is often used as a specimen or foundation plant.