12 Best Cut Roses

7 fresh cut roses assorted colors with the words 12 best cut roses

woman placing fresh cut roses in vase on coffee tableBrighten up your home with fresh  cut roses from your own garden!

These 12 varieties of Weeks® Roses can be grown in your garden so that you can create fresh cut bouquets with florist quality buds and superior longevity

Please Note: selection may vary by location

fuchsia colored rose called all my loving

All My Loving™

  • Hybrid Tea
chris evert rose

Chris Evert

  • Hybrid Tea
ebb tide rose

Ebb Tide ™

  • Floribunda
pinkish red rose called fragrant cloud sticking out from wooden lattice fence

Fragrant Cloud

  • Hybrid Tea
A white honor rose growing on a bush.


  • Hybrid Tea
lasting love hybrid tea rose

Lasting Love®

  • Hybrid Tea
red with white underbelly rose called love at first sight

Love at First Sight™

  • Hybrid Tea
pink memorial day hybrid tea rose

Memorial Day™

  • Hybrid Tea
pinkish purple neptune rose

Neptune ™

  • Hybrid Tea
picture perfect hybrid tea roses

Picture Perfect™

  • Hybrid Tea
pop art rose

Pop Art™

  • Grandiflora
sheilas perfume roes weeks floribunda orange with red edges

Sheila's Perfume

  • Floribunda

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