Climbing Roses

climbing roses one with red roses on lattice and the second yellow or gold roses on climbing up a brown pergola with the words climbing roses on the image

red lady climbing rose one climbing a wall and covering top of a large wooden door and a second image of the rose close up

Lady in Red Climbing Rose

Lady in Red has long climbing arms. Don't worry, she won't invade your spaces she's not meant to as the plant is well contained and more compact than many Climbers. A true red with no hues of pink or blue all the way to the end of the flower's life. The large ruffled old-fashioned blossoms will take your breath away and falling in love with this lady is the only possible outcome. 

  • Flower Size: Large, ruffled, around 3½-4½ inch diameter, in small clusters
  • Intro Year: 2018
  • Flower Form: Old-fashioned & very double
iceberg climbing rose two images one close up and the other on a fence line

Iceberg Climbing Rose

World's best white landscape rose. It has all the great qualities of Iceberg in a vigorous Climber. Blooms on old wood only. Flowers more on established plants.

  • Flower Size: Medium
  • Intro Year: 1968
  • Height: 8' to 15'
royal gold climbing rose

Royal Gold Climbing Rose

Rich golden HT-shaped buds and blooms with lasting deep yellow color. Cutting length stems. Blooms on new and old wood. Best color & size when cooler.

  • Flower Size: Large
  • Intro Year: 1957
  • Height: 8' to 10'
sally holmes climbing rose up close and in a mass

Sally Holmes Climbing Rose

Unlike any rose you've seen, Sally gives huge clusters that resemble Hydrangea heads—filled with buff-colored buds that open to white single flowers. Despite their frail appearance, the blooms last well even in heat. Vigorous, disease resistant and very free flowering. Blooms on new wood. Good in most temperatures. Deeper bud color when cool.

  • Flower Size: Large
  • Intro Year: 1976
  • Height: 3' to 5'

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