Hostas Varieties & Care

Assorted colors and styles of hostas with the words: Lush Shade Loving Hostas on the image 

Do you have a shady spot in your garden or container that seems to be lacking something? Here’s why Hostas, also known as Plantain Lilies, may be your solution…

  • Offer dramatic foliage color
  • Easy care
  • Perfect for borders
  • Excellent for erosion control
  • Look amazing in mass plantings
  • Play nicely in woodland gardens
  • Look lovely as a specimen plant

Hosta Selection:

Please note that selection may vary by location and time of year

August moon hosta

August Moon Hosta

Heavily textured, wide, heart-shaped, thick, slug resistant leaves that emerge chartreuse, turn a soft yellow as they age, and mature to a luminescent golden yellow. The dramatic, color-shifting foliage brightens shaded borders and woodland gardens. Produces large spikes of pale lavender flowers in summer. 

Blue angel hosta

Blue Angel Hosta

The largest of the blue hostas with pointed, silver-blue leaves forming a lush, dense, cascading mound. White, bell-like flowers on tall stems adorn the huge clump in summer. Sure to attract attention in the dappled shade garden. 

Blue mouse ears hosta with a watermark of Monrovia Grow Beautifully

Blue Mouse Ears Hosta

Be the first to review this product A symmetrical mound of small, heart-shaped leaves with a slight curl that resemble mouse ears. The soft blue-gray foliage has a faint white edge in early spring. The thick foliage resists slug damage. Lavender flowers stand above the foliage clumps. 

Earth angel hosta with a watermark of Monrovia Grow Beautifully

Earth Angel Hosta

Beautiful, bold foliage for those sometimes difficult to fill shady areas. Dramatic heart-shaped, blue-green leaves edged in chartreuse that will gradually soften to creamy white. In midsummer, pale lavender flowers rise from the impressive foliage clump. 

Eola sapphire hosta with a watermark of Monrovia Grow Beautifully

Eola Sapphire Hosta

A special selection for the shade garden with striking, seersucker-like, metallic blue-green leaves. Larger than others, this dramatic hosta is sure to attract attention. Slender spikes of purple-white flowers appear in summer. The thick, heavily textured foliage is resistant to slug damage. 

Fragrant bouquet hosta with a watermark of Monrovia Grow Beautifully

Fragrant Bouquet Hosta

Lush apple green leaves accented with wide, pale yellow to cream-colored margins. Very fragrant white flowers develop on tall scapes in midsummer. Adds wonderful texture to shaded gardens and borders or under trees. 

Francee hosta

Francee Hosta

Lush foliage clumps with dramatic, heart-shaped, dark green leaves edged in white - truly a standout in the landscape. The mounding foliage with beautiful variegation is ideal for those sometimes difficult to fill shady woodland areas and borders. A wonderful hosta for containers.

Golden prayer hosta with a watermark of Monrovia Grow Beautifully

Golden Prayers Hosta

Dramatically textured, golden yellow foliage retains its color even in the shade! Handsome, pale lavender flowers are displayed on 18-inch stalks in summer. Thrives in dappled morning sun to shade, protected from harsh sun exposures. This popular selection is terrific in containers.

Guacamole hosta with a watermark of Monrovia Grow Beautifully

Guacamole Hosta

Soft avocado green and yellow marbled foliage with streaks of slightly darker blue-green. Large flower stalks with white lavender blooms release a soft, sweet fragrance. Requires full shade in hot summer areas. Provides a great contrast in both color and texture in the shade garden. 

Hadspen blue hosta with a watermark of Monrovia Grow Beautifully

Hadspen Blue Hosta

Steel blue-gray leaves have a soft powdery look and create an elegant mound of foliage. Showy stalks of pale lavender flowers rise above the foliage in summer. A remarkable plant for bold foliage contrasts in shaded beds and borders. Pairs exceptionally well with bright and variegated hosta varieties. Resists slug damage. 

Liberty Hosta with a watermark of Monrovia Grow Beautifully

Liberty Hosta

A gorgeous sport of 'Sagae' with blue-green leaves that have wide, dramatically streaked, yellow margins which fade to a creamy white. Produces showy lavender flowers in summer. The thick foliage has remarkable slug resistance. Adds stunning color to any shade border or woodland garden. 

Olive bailey langdon hosta Monrovia grow beautifully

Olive Bailey Langdon Hosta

This large, festive hosta has dark green foliage with wide, light green margins. The leaves are lightly cupped with wavy margins and deeply corrugated texture. A charming addition to a large, shaded woodland area. 

Patriot hosta

Patriot Hosta

A superb compact selection with more heat tolerance than other popular varieties. This sport of 'Francee' features glossy, bold, dark green foliage with gleaming white edges. Great for brightening a full or dappled shade border. 

Rainforest hosta with a watermark of Monrovia Grow Beautifully

Rainforest Sunrise Hosta

Lush leaves emerge solid light green, then quickly develop dramatic dark green borders and radiant gold centers. Mild morning sunlight or bright shade brings out the best gold tones. The thick glossy foliage holds up all season and resists slugs. Pale lavender flowers appear in midsummer. 

Rosendale hosta with a watermark of Monrovia Grow Beautifully

Rosedale Golden Goose Plantain Lily

Large, bright golden yellow, heart-shaped leaves provide a pop of color to any shady spot in the garden. The thick, slug resistant, heavily textured foliage of this attractive, mounding hosta has wonderful corrugation and deep veins and is accented with lavender summer blooms. 

Sagae hosta with a watermark of Monrovia Grow Beautifully

Sagae Hosta

A classic hosta with big bold foliage that features a wide gold band of color along the leaf edges. The golden margins turn to a creamy white by midsummer. The thick foliage resists slug damage. Showy spikes of lavender flowers rise above the foliage in summer. 

Stained glass hosta with a watermark of Monrovia Grow Beautifully

Stained Glass Hosta

Bright golden leaves with wide, deep green margins and prominent veining provide the appearance of stained glass. Large, fragrant, pale lavender flowers complement the dramatic foliage. Bold color for foundation and woodland beds in full or dappled shade. 

Wide brim hosta

Wide Brim Hosta

Broad blue-green leaves with a creamy edge create a large mound of attractive, lush foliage. Slender spikes of lavender flowers appear in summer. Adds a colorful accent to shady mixed borders and woodland gardens. An herbaceous perennial.


Slug sitting on a healthy green leaf and a second image of healthy green leaves with nasty mealybugs on themProtect Them...

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