3 images of bacopa, the first two are white bacopa, close up and the other showing the bacopa trailing from white planter box and the third is a purple bacopa

A Versatile and Resilient Perennial

3 images of bacopa of which 2 are white and one is purpleBacopa is a creeping evergreen plant that produces small, five-petaled flowers with golden centers from late spring to first frost. This versatile little beauty looks great in hanging baskets and containers, where it can spill over the sides, or as a groundcover.

It requires regular water; allowing it to dry out or wilt can be fatal for the plant. In soils with poor drainage, it can easily rot. When the soil is dry to the touch an inch below the surface, give it at least an inch of water, or enough to thoroughly penetrate to the roots. Bacopa prefers morning sun and afternoon shade but can tolerate anything from full sun to partial shade, as long as it does not dry out.


Bacopa does best in rich soil. Pinch back the branches to help it form a dense mat. If it gets too thick and a layer of dead branches builds up underneath, clear away the dead foliage and cut the stems back to 5 or 6 inches. Leaving the dead material in place can hold in too much moisture and lead to rotting.