January Gardening Calendar

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Wondering What You Should Be Doing In Your Garden?

Below is a calendar of key things you can be doing in your garden during the month of January.

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January Gardening Calendar

Approximate Dates & Gardening Activities:

Jan. 12 - Feed the birds. SummerWinds has both hummingbird feeders and seed feeders

Jan. 14 - Plant sweet peas

Jan. 20 - Prune fruit trees. roses and wisteria and use dormant spray either All Seasons Oil or Bonide® Copper Fungicide

Jan. 21 - Keep drains and gutters clear for good water flow during this rainy season

Jan. 26 - Watch for frost warnings and cover sensitive plants.  Plant blankets are available in store.

 Jan. 28 - Plant some pansies, stock, or poppies for some color in the garden.

 Jan. 29 - Apply E.B. Stone Compost to your roses and fruit trees to keep the soil microbes happy over winter

Jan. 31 - Spray for overwintering bugs (Bonide All Seasons Spray oil )and fungus pathogens like powdery mildew (Bonide Copper fungicide).  

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