5 Romantic Houseplants that Add a Touch of Drama

Do you have a bit of a romantic side? If your decor is filled with soft textiles, floral artwork, and curated antiques, you might just fall in love with these dreamy houseplants. Not only will they complete your aesthetic, but they’re also perfect for gifting to that special someone!

string of hearts houseplant from above summerwinds california

String of Hearts

The string of hearts, or Ceropegia woodii, has a subtle beauty to it. Don't let its delicate appearance fool you, though; this trailing vine of heart-shaped succulent leaves is pretty tough and relatively easy to care for. Its gray-green foliage that cascades in string-like vines have an almost marbled pattern, making it a beautiful statement piece for a hanging basket or windowsill. It's a unique choice that is sure to catch the eye of any beholder.

Sweetheart Hoya

The Hoya kerrii or sweetheart hoya is, without a doubt, the cutest plant around. Their leaves are so perfectly heart-shaped that your sweetheart is sure to get the message the instant they receive it.

When shopping for a sweetheart hoya, you are likely to find single, heart-shaped leaves for sale in pots, but this succulent plant is actually a trailing vine that will gift its recipient many years of slow growth. They don't need much water and will grow in relatively low light, although they thrive a little better when kept near a bright window with a sheer curtain.

white jasmine flowers close up summerwinds california


Jasmine is known worldwide as a symbol of love and affection, making them a perfect choice if you are hoping to convey a sweet message. The most notable trait is their heady, sweet scent. Their showy white blossoms and fragile appearance also make them popular as ornamental plants and cut flowers.

With the right care, a jasmine plant will thrive indoors all year round. They like lots of sunlight in the spring and summer while they are in peak bloom, so they’ll appreciate an outdoor vacation when the weather is warm and humid.

bright magenta moth orchid summerwinds california

Moth Orchid

Orchids make for a stunning statement piece in any household, and they are relatively easy to find. They have an unwarranted reputation for being difficult to care for, and while they are a little different than other houseplants, their needs are actually relatively straightforward.

Moth orchids come in a stunning range of colors. Since different flower colors are often associated with different emotions, this makes them a great choice to give not just to a significant other but even a friend or even a special family member. For example, purple conveys respect and admiration, making it an excellent plant choice to give to your mom or grandmother. On the other hand, yellow represents friendship and new beginnings, which could be a nice way to show your appreciation for a friend or sibling.

heart leaf philodendron houseplant in red pot summerwinds california

Heart Leaf Philodendron

The word “philodendron” means "love tree" in Greek. In English, it is also commonly known as the sweetheart plant, and for good reason! Its large, heart-shaped leaves can be trained to climb, or you can leave the elegant vines to hang from a basket or windowsill.

It is also easy to grow and maintain. While this sweetheart plant would likely prefer a little sunshine, it will also keep on growing in the shade just fine as well. Originating from the Caribbean, it likes a fair amount of moisture. In the summertime, its soil is best left moist, while in the wintertime, you can allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. Its leaves will turn yellow if it’s overwatered, but they will likely turn brown if it's under-watered. Keep in mind that this striking philodendron is not ideal if the recipient is also a lover of furry friends, as it is not a pet-safe plant.

These are just a few of some romantic indoor plants that make for great gifts or additions to your collection. Visit one of our SummerWinds Nursery locations to shop and find the right match for you!