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How to Care for Patio Tree Roses

Roses may be the most famous flowers in the world, but many rose-lovers shy away from growing them thanks to their diva-like reputation. Luckily, patio tree roses pack all the same blooming beauty into an easy-care package. Better yet, these dwarf roses are compact enough to fit in small spaces like balconies and tiny patios! Here’s how to choose and care for a patio tree rose of your own.

Find the Rose for You!

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All of our patio tree rose varieties small-space-friendly 24 inches and approved for our USDA zones in the Bay area, but there are a few extra criteria to consider before settling on one to take home!

Sun Exposure: All roses require lots of sun; between 5 and 6 full hours per day of direct sunlight is ideal. It’s better to aim for more, not less, as extra sunlight helps to prevent fungal disease by causing water to evaporate faster.

Climate: Our zones range from 9b to 10a here in Silicon Valley, but temperatures may get a little cooler or a little warmer than is typical for our zones, depending on the micro-climate in your area. We encourage you to talk to us about the typical weather conditions where you live so we can help you find a hardier or more drought-tolerant plant as needed!

Fragrance: Not all roses have a scent, and some are much more potent than others! Consider how important fragrance is to you before choosing your patio tree rose.

Flower Color: The reason we love roses is for their beautiful blooms, and with so many shades available, we have a lot of options to choose from! Consider whether deep reds, pretty pastels, or crisp white blooms will best complement your decor.

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Re-potting Patio Tree Roses

Once you’ve picked your perfect rose, don’t forget to choose a pot to show it off! Here are some tips for choosing an ideal pot for your patio tree rose:

  • Choose a deep pot, approximately double the depth of the nursery container. This will allow space for your rose’s roots to grow deep and strong!
  • Make sure your pot has ample drainage holes, so your rose’s roots never sit in standing water.
  • Mind your materials! Keep in mind that clay pots will need frequent watering, and dark colors will attract heat. Stick to lighter colors and non-porous materials if possible, or adjust your watering schedule as necessary.

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After you’ve chosen your rose’s new home, pick up some high-quality, well-draining potting soil and your choice of rose fertilizer. Many gardeners opt for a slow-release formula, which should be worked into the soil according to package directions while avoiding the root ball. Others prefer a liquid formula that can be applied with water; these formulas are a little gentler on younger plants but will need to be applied more often. Whichever option you choose, make sure the fertilizer label says that the formula is suitable for roses!

When it’s time to re-pot, you’ll want to select a spot for your pot that has excellent light exposure. Keep your rose a few feet away from the nearest walls to promote airflow on all sides of the plant. Place the pot before filling with soil so you won’t have to move it around later, or consider using a plant caddie!

Before you remove your patio tree rose’s root ball, give it a thorough watering. This will ease the stress of moving and allow easier removal of the plant from the nursery container. Fill your new pot halfway with nine parts high-quality, well-draining soil mix and one part compost or manure. 

Remove the rose from the nursery pot by tilting the plant onto its side and teasing out the entire root ball; work the nursery pot as you go to loosen the sides and slide it off. Avoid tugging the stem. Once removed, massage the root ball firmly to loosen and encourage them to root into the new soil. Then, place the root ball in the new pot and backfill firmly, so the base of the stem sits level with the backfilled soil. Leave an inch or so of space between the soil line and container brim to allow room for watering. Replace soil every year with a fresh blend of potting mix and organic matter.

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Watering Your Rose

Watering roses requires some special care. While today’s rose varieties are fairly resistant to disease, the proper watering technique will minimize the risk and keep your roses looking fabulous. Always water the soil, not the plant—pour water directly into the soil, avoiding the foliage, flowers, and stem. This prevents water from sitting on plant tissue, which can create ideal breeding conditions for fungal diseases.

It’s better to water deeply and less frequently rather than offering a shallow drink every day. This will encourage the roots to grow deeper, which will make them more resilient in times of extreme heat or drought. Apply a few inches of mulch to the soil surface to help the soil stay moist longer between waterings. When you do water, water until you notice runoff seeping from the container drainage holes. In spring, fall, and winter, you should be able to water every 2-3 days, or longer if the plant goes dormant. During peak summer temperatures, you may have to increase to daily waterings.

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Pruning Patio Tree Roses

Regular pruning is essential to keep the roses looking neat, encourage beautiful blooms, and maintain the tree form of the plant. Here in the Silicon Valley area, the best time to prune most patio tree rose varieties is in December or January, immediately after the plant has stopped blooming. This will give you the opportunity to clean up any unruly branches, thin the canopy, and shape the plant before it sets buds for the next season.

Before pruning, always ensure you’re using clean, sharp, and properly-lubricated pruners. Caring for your pruners will ensure you’re not accidentally passing disease between your roses and other plants!

With these steps, maintaining your patio tree rose should be a breeze! These beautiful mini-trees make dreamy focal points for the sunny spots in your outdoor spaces. Make sure to stop by your nearest SummerWinds Nursery soon to check out the patio tree roses we have in stock today!