mother and daughter dancing at home at Christmas, a microphone with a santa hat on it, an image of santa holding a boom box dancing to music and an image of a couple with santa hats on while dancing

Get in the Spirit with our Holiday Throwbacks Playlist

As soon as Halloween is over, we can’t help but shift gears and go into full-on winter holiday mode, and the best way to get into the groove is with a sick music playlist! We’ve been feeling nostalgic lately, so we took a trip down memory lane and put together a list of our favorite holiday music from the ’90s and ’00s. Sleighbells and smooth R&B go together like cookies and milk, and these classic millennial tunes will have you dreaming of simpler times when everyone’s hair was crispy with Dippity Doo and frosted like a winter windowpane, and our metallic eyeliner shimmered like holiday tinsel.

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