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Houseplant Horoscopes: The Best Plants For Each Zodiac Sign

This week, we're pairing up the zodiac signs and their plants to give you the best possible combos in terms of compatibility and future outlook. Turns out, your ideal houseplant can be determined by the stars! Read on to find you sign and see which plant is your perfect match.

ornamental pepper plant summerwinds california

Aries: The first zodiac sign, Aries, is a passionate fire sign with loads of energy and caustic wit. They're assertive, headstrong, and like to make an impact. While they can be a bit short-tempered, they're quick on their feet and are loved for their sense of courage and adventure.

The ornamental pepper plant totally fits their vibe, with each colorful little pepper looking like a flaming candlewick. In a group of common houseplants, this beauty steals the show, grabbing people's attention with its lit-up appearance. This spicy little number will bring that big, fiery Aries energy to your living space.

african violet summerwinds california

Taurus: There's so much more to Taureans than the standard "stubborn bull" stereotype. At their heart, Taureans love to indulge in pleasures of the senses, luxurious experiences, and cozy comfort. Sure, they're a little bull-headed, but deep down, they're total softies that just want to snuggle. Plus, out of all the zodiac signs, Taurus has the most natural talent at gardening and plant care!

The African violet is the ideal houseplant for Taureans because its velvety leaves are so plush and fancy. If there were a way to sew quilts out of African violet leaves, Taureans would buy all of the available stock. There's an air of regality to this easy-care houseplant, and its flowers, ranging from rich magenta to deep purple, have that perfect jewel-toned quality. Even better, they're super easy to propagate from cuttings, so Taurus can put their green thumb to good use and multiply their collection!

coffee plant summerwinds california

Gemini: This chatty sign is full of energy and strange, random facts, always seeing both sides of the coin. They're natural entertainers and love causing a stir, just for fun. Gemini is represented by twins, and the theme of duality plays out throughout their life.

The coffee plant is a total Gemini, because first of all, coffee. That motormouth is fuelled by caffeine! Each seedpod of the coffee plant contains a pair of twin beans, and while it may take a few years for your plant to mature and start producing them, it's well worth the wait!

peace lily summerwinds california

Cancer: This gentle, sensitive water sign is a natural-born caregiver, picking up on people's energies and using their intuitive nature to heal others. However, this sensitivity does make them prone to the occasional meltdown, but if they receive a little care and compassion in return, they'll quickly bounce back to their sweet, soft selves.

The peace lily is a Cancer by nature, as it's constantly caring for the world around it by purifying the air and making the home environment clean and comfortable. If you forget to water it for a little while, it might be a bit melodramatic and flop over, but don't worry—it'll perk back up with a bit of TLC. Its creamy white flowers bring an air of calm into your home, and you'll love its understated, feminine elegance.

fiddle leaf fig summerwinds california

Leo: Leos have a bit of a reputation for being divas who are a bit focused on their appearances, but can you blame them? They're pretty darn beautiful, courageous, and daring. If this finicky fire sign feels supported and encouraged, it can triumph and rise up like a superstar. It's no coincidence that Madonna is a Leo!

The fiddle leaf fig is definitely the best plant for Leo. Its glossy leaves are totally glam, and let's face it, it's one of the trendiest plants around. While it might need you to fuss over it more than some of your other plants, the fiddle leaf fig can go from a tiny little potted plant to a ten-foot tree if kept in the ideal conditions.

echeveria summerwinds california

Virgo: What plant is Virgo-approved? Well, it has to be a neat and organized plant, because this no-nonsense summer sign doesn't need any of that chaotic energy in their living space. The echeveria is the perfect plant for a Virgo because its perfectly-spiraled foliage is laid out so nicely, you'd think a Virgo designed it themselves.

Now, don't buy into the rumor that Virgos are plain or boring—while they may seem put-together and a little rigid, they can surprise you with their unexpected talents and inner passion. Don't forget, Beyonce is a Virgo! Similarly, the echeveria may seem like it's just chilling and doing its thing, but if you park it in front of some direct summer sun, this beauty will suddenly start sprouting big, long arms covered in tiny, bright blossoms in neon orange or pink, sometimes reaching several feet high. Talk about an overachiever!

monstera deliciosa summerwinds california

Libra: Represented by the scales, this sign is all about balance and harmony, and they make great mediators. However, the other side of Libras that doesn't get as much attention is that they have an uncanny ability to look cute and put-together without even having to try that hard. Libras can pull off the just-got-out-of-bed look and still make it stylish.

Monstera deliciosa is the ideal plant for Libra because it prefers a nice, balanced environment. Not too much sun or too much shade, and a moderate amount of water should keep it happy. Plus, can we all agree that this plant is a total fashionista? It's pretty much the Kim Kardashian of houseplants (and yes, she is a Libra!). You can't scroll through Instagram mood boards and lookbooks without stumbling upon a few monstera-print textiles, so this tropical beauty is a perfect fit.

raven zz plant summerwinds california

Scorpio: There's something so dark and mysterious about Scorpios! While the other water signs, Cancer and Pisces, are known for being a bit more delicate, Scorpios have an outer toughness and seriousness about them that's strangely enticing. Scorpios tend to keep to themselves and don't like to be fussed over, yet they draw people in like a magnet with their mystical charms.

The Raven ZZ plant is a total Scorpio because its deep, almost-black exterior has some subtle goth vibes that totally align with their aesthetic. It's a super low-maintenance plant and prefers to be left to its own devices, so there's no need to water it very often. It also thrives in full shade, so unlike other sun-loving houseplants, this dark and brooding beauty is perfectly happy to lurk in the dimmer corners of your home.

prayer plant summerwinds california

Sagittarius: This fun-loving fire sign is known for impulse decisions and spur-of-the-moment vacations, forever thirsting for new experiences and changes of scenery. They've always got a colorful comment or comeback ready, and though they tend to be blunt, people can't help but love their spot-on assessments and subtle roasting of their friends.

Maranta, also known as the prayer plant, has a case of wanderlust just like Sagittarius, which is clearly visible as it changes position and moves around in its pot throughout the day. Have you ever checked out a time-lapse video of a maranta? It's hypnotizing! The bold stripes and vibrant colors of this plant make a big statement, and Sagittariuses will totally dig that attitude. 

jade plant summerwinds california

Capricorn: This ultra-practical zodiac sign has its feet firmly planted on the ground, and its eyes always on the prize. These business-savvy earth signs have that natural entrepreneurial spirit, finding creative ways to earn money and strategic ways to save it. Capricorns may seem a little stiff at first, but when you get to know them, you'll fall in love with their ingenious ideas and creative approaches to life.

The jade plant, also known as the money tree, is said to bring good luck and fortune. Now, Capricorns are already pretty adept at getting paid, but a little extra help never hurts! They're super-resilient and live for a long time, so most jade plant purchases end up as a long-term success story. Make sure you've got a wide, sturdy pot to plant them in, because sometimes this succulent can be a little over-ambitious, causing it to grow top-heavy and flop over!

lithops plants summerwinds california

Aquarius: Creative, quirky, and maybe a little weird, these rebellious critical thinkers get a kick out of defying expectations. For example, its name implies it should be a water sign, but Aquarius is a total air sign, reminding us to never judge a book by its cover! Speaking of which, Aquarians tend to have a pretty unique style of dress and are deeply bored by normalcy. They're known for being pretty brainy types—Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, and Galileo were all Aquarians!

Lithops has some serious Aquarius vibes because, at first glance, it doesn't even really look like a houseplant. It seems more like a cross between a pile of rocks and some strange alien lifeform. Some of them kind of look like little rainbow brains! With the right care and conditions, these peculiar creatures can live up to half a century. They might even surprise you with a cute, daisy-like flower in late autumn or early winter.

baby tears plant summerwinds california

Pisces: Okay, we're not calling Pisces a crybaby, but let's just say they've got a lot of feelings swirling around in that tender heart—and for a water sign, they sure know how to bring the waterworks. But with that deep well of emotion comes an incredible intuition and vibrant imagination that borders on clairvoyance. Deep down, Pisces is a lover, not a fighter, and their effortless empathy gives them a great understanding of how to connect with others.

Baby tears is a total Pisces, as it's a delicate, soft plant that thrives in moist conditions. Sometimes it will fill up its container and spill out the sides like a cascading waterfall. While they are generally a pretty low-maintenance plant, they do require consistency in their care and will throw a fit if they get ignored. Luckily, they'll bounce back pretty quickly if you show them some love.

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