Houseplant fern sitting in window sill

Indoor Gardening Tips: What You Need to Know

If you love gardening, but don’t have your own backyard or front yard, chances are you’ve tried indoor gardening.  

This can be tricky, considering you don’t have the natural outdoor sunshine and earth dirt to rely on. If you want to make your home as luscious as it can be, keep reading for tips from Reader's Digest on making your space the envy of those with outdoor gardens.  

4 Great Indoor Gardening Tips  

  1. Find the Sun

If you have a plant that thrives in the sun, place it near a window facing north. Check soil moisture levels often and inspect the leaves to check they are not being burned. At the slightest sign of withering, move the plant closer toward the middle of the room.  

  1. Water Bottom Up

Water poured directly onto the soil may flood, or not reach the potted plant's roots. Instead, water plants bottom up by standing them in a dish and filling the dish with water. Delicate plants such as fuchsias thrive on this method. For this to work, all pots should have holes in the bottom through which the water is absorbed.   Water your plants only when the potting mix feels dry to the touch. Over watering is often the cause of indoor plant death. Check by pushing your finger into the soil; if it comes out dry, start watering.  

  1. Practice Occasional Misting

Most indoor plants benefit from an occasional misting of water. Make sure the water is at room temperature and use a spray bottle. Misting is particularly beneficial if you live in a centrally heated or air-conditioned house as the air can become very dry.  

  1. Use Fertilizer

Feed your plants with small amounts of fertilizer. The fastest and simplest solution is to complete liquid fertilizer in the recommended dose, usually every two to four weeks – check the label for specific instructions.   Indoor gardening doesn’t need to be stressful or burdensome. These tips are simple and easy enough to follow to keep your plants alive and thriving. Please stop by one of your local stores in Campbell, Cupertino or Palo Alto for more indoor gardening information and incredible customer service!