fiddle leaf fig houseplant

Houseplant Advice: How to Care for the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Houseplant

Have you heard of the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree? Like the Chinese Money Plant, it is taking Instagram and the internet by storm. While this houseplant has been around for a while now, it’s the new interior design darling. As Kiki Interiors puts it, “This plant has a great sculptural presence, the green is very vibrant and it works well with the neutral, minimal and Scandinavian styles that are really popular right now. It adds a great texture and visual elements and adds a wonderful contrast with the lighter tone walls we are seeing a lot of right now.”

If this is the houseplant your home needs, keep reading for tips on how to care for the gorgeous tree.

How to Care for the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree


This plant needs consistent bright light, by a sunny window if possible. Once you notice it starting to lean towards the light, turn it every month or so.


The plant does not do well with even a little breeze. As HGTV notes, “Make sure that your window is properly sealed. Figs are used to the still, warm conditions of the rainforest. Cold drafts from windows, doors and air-conditioning units may cause its leaves to dry out and drop.”

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Houseplant


Getting the right amount of water in this tree is so important. If you overwater, it can be a deadly mistake, while under watering can lead to brown leaves and cause them to drop. It’s recommended to give this tree a good watering once a week, testing the soil for moisture in between waterings.


It’s important to stay on top of pruning for best results with the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. As A Beautiful Mess notes, “Pruning your tree will promote horizontal growth. The tree will actually grow more when you prune it…The spot where you cut will split into two new growths. If your tree is looking a little spindly or top heavy, then it might be time for a trim!”

Getting Your Own Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Houseplant

If you want your own Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, you’re in luck! Our Campbell store has a few different sizes of the bush variety (note: this is not the standard tree version) and our Cupertino store has a few of the standard tree variety.