decorate with poinsettias

3 Ways to Decorate for the Holidays with the Poinsettia

This time of year, the poinsettia becomes widely available in stores and garden centers as many families and businesses like to use it in their holiday decorating. While this native Mexican plant is most commonly seen in its traditional December red, it’s also available in colors like Gold Rush, white, peach, marble and others. This holiday season, consider purchasing a less common color variety to use in your festive décor.

In addition to choosing a unique color to define your holiday decorating theme, dress up your poinsettias by pairing them with other seasonal items. Try these three poinsettia holiday decoration ideas to add festive flair for the holidays.

pumpkins and poinsettias

Poinsettia Pumpkin Centerpiece

Let pumpkins be center stage this Thanksgiving! Find a small to medium sized pumpkin to select for your centerpiece. Carve off the top and clear the inside to make room for decorative plants.

Whether you decide to go with faux or real plants, place a small bowl inside so that your selected foliage can sit upright and present beautifully. The Gold Rush poinsettia would mix well with an assortment of flowers, gourds and leaves to make your decoration the topic of dinner conversation!

This is the perfect option for Thanksgiving décor and it can be easily modified for the end of year holidays by adding greenery like juniper and holly, as well as bows in December.

poinsettias and ice skates

Poinsettia Ice Skates Decoration

If you’re looking for a little thrifty centerpiece option, try integrating your poinsettias with a pair of old ice skates. Creatively Southern’s tutorial is beautiful, but we’re going to add our own natural poinsettia twist!

  • Choose a poinsettia in the shade that best fits your color scheme
  • Clean out the inside of a pair of old skates
  • Cut off the top of a plastic water bottle with a pair of scissors
  • Place the bottle in the heel of the skates and add a little soil
  • Put your poinsettia in the soil and lace up the boots

If you want to add some holiday shine, sprinkle some glitter, throw in a few extra greens and wrap the skates up with a bow! You can also spray some adhesive or mod podge on the skates and place faux crafting snowflakes on them for a winter wonderland look!

Chica Circle Santa Pants Flower Pots

Santa Pants Poinsettia Decoration

Be ultra-creative and design Santa some poinsettia pants this winter! Chica Circle’s crafty Santa Pants Flower Pots idea is so inventive, we had to include their tutorial in this list!

  • Find two small pots to place your poinsettia plants inside; if you can’t find two red pots, feel free to paint the ones you do find red
  • Paint a black ring at the base and let it dry
  • Using a glue gun, secure some white cotton batting to the bottom of each pot for Santa’s pant cuffs
  • Glue some black ribbon around both pots to create Santa’s belt
  • Add the final details with a yellow felt or a sheet of construction paper to represent Santa’s belt buckle
  • Finish the look by placing a white poinsettia in the pots to represent his beard
  • Santa Pants Flower Pots Image - Chica Circles by Pauline Molinari

Are you ready to decorate for the holidays with these festive, seasonal plants? Contact your local SummerWinds today to get started on your poinsettia creation.