Three images starting with croton houseplant, then macho fern and then potted orange citrus plant

Statement Plants: 7 Big Houseplants With Even Bigger Impact

One single big houseplant strategically placed in the focal point of a room can have just as much impact as a modern art sculpture, but unlike passing trends and cutting-edge art movements, plants always remain to be trendy and in style. Plus, they’re a heck of a lot cheaper than that $5000 abstract sculpture that kinda just looks like an Ikea project gone wrong.

Want to bring bold color and high-impact style to your living space with just one easy purchase? Pick up one of these supersized houseplants from SummerWinds, for effortless flair and artful sophistication. Just add water!

7 Big Leafy Indoor Plants to Amp Up Your Home Decor

While many of these houseplants may start out quite modest in size, with the right care, they can grow to colossal sizes! Repot them every year in a slightly larger container, fertilize them regularly, and provide them with plenty of sunshine, and soon you’ll have a botanical behemoth to brighten up your home!


Dieffenbachia houseplant

The pretty patterns and natural variegation on the dieffenbachia’s ultra-massive leaves bring such an artful quality to your home decor! Reaching up to 10 feet tall, with leaves spanning 20 inches across, this beauty makes a perfect plant to place next to the sofa for a nice little canopy of green overhead.

Dieffenbachia are a bit sensitive to overwatering, so make sure their pot has drainage holes, and allow the soil to dry out between watering. They do well in bright, indirect sunlight or light filtered through a curtain, which helps prevent their leaves from getting scorched from too much sun. Rotating the plant 90 degrees every two weeks will help it to grow evenly, so it doesn’t get all its sun on one side.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf fig or ficus lyrata houseplant set inside planter basket sitting on hardood floor in front of white cabinets and curtains

The highly fashionable fig plant has glossy, rippled leaves in a deep green shade that have landed it on the cover of countless design magazines. While they can grow in the wild up to 50 feet tall, indoors, they stick to a more modest 10 feet. To keep its foliage looking its most fabulous, it helps to gently wipe them down with a damp cloth every two weeks to remove any dust.

A pot with drainage holes is ideal for maintaining a fiddle leaf fig’s long-term health because they’re quite sensitive to salt buildup in the soil, which can accumulate from minerals in our water. By thoroughly flushing out the soil once per month until water pours out the bottom, you can wash out excess salt from the soil and then add fertilizer to maintain good nutrient levels.

Macho Fern

Hanging macho fern houseplant

Consider this the Boston fern’s bigger, burlier brother. Its massive mop of shaggy foliage has as much presence and flair as an 80s wrestler. And, similarly to Macho Man Randy Savage, this mammoth is mega-powerful! One single leafy stem can reach up to 4 feet long, with hundreds covering a single plant, splayed out in all directions like a fountain. With that much leafy goodness comes an incredible ability at filtering air and removing airborne toxins from your home.

Hanging one of these bad boys in the window is a solid alternative to curtains or blinds, as they cover plenty of space but still allow some light to twinkle through their long, fringed leaves. Let the top two inches of soil dry out before watering again—less frequent in the winter when there’s less sun, and nearly every day if there’s hot summer sun for long stretches.

Monstera Deliciosa

Large monstera deliciosa houseplant in living space

This Instagram influencer probably looks familiar to you—its distinctive Swiss cheese leaves have been popping up everywhere, from fashion textiles to couch cushions and shower curtains. On top of being very much in-vogue, monsteras can get pretty huge, making them the perfect piece to complete your minimalist-chic interior.

Monstera leaves can span 2 feet across and can reach heights of 10-12 feet indoors (though in the wild, they can climb structures 70 feet up!). Too much sun can stress them out and cause them to grow away from the light, so place them by a North-facing window or further into the room beside the sofa or a desk.

Kentia Palm

Large kentia housplant in a living room with couch and bike

A low-maintenance favorite that always brings a carefree, tropical vibe to the scenery, the kentia palm is loved for its elegant fronds that reach up to 12 feet tall indoors. If you’re still a novice when it comes to plant care, you shouldn’t have any trouble with this potted palm.

Kentia palms are also pet-friendly, so if you’ve got cats or dogs that have been known to munch on plants, this one is completely non-toxic, and it may eventually grow to a height that’s too tall for your pets to reach! Bright, indirect light, occasional misting, and potassium-enriched fertilizer is the key to keeping a kentia palm looking lush and green. Potassium deficiency is often the cause of browning leaves (though a little bit of browning at the very tip is normal).


Croton houseplants

Big in size, and really big in color, this technicolor dream plant comes in all sorts of colorful varieties, usually featuring some combination of electric red, yellow, and green. Some of them are dwarf varieties that stick to around 3 feet tall, so if you want one of the monster-sized varieties at 10 feet tall, talk to one of our experts to make sure you pick the perfect one.

Crotons can be real dust magnets, so it’s good to wipe down the leaves regularly, so they don’t look dull. They like lots of sun, and it helps keep their color bright, so if your croton is looking a little lackluster, place it closer to the window to supercharge its color!

Potted Citrus

Citrus tree

Dwarf citrus trees are an excellent project for plant parents with a bit more experience and a space with plenty of window light. Miniature trees are already gorgeous on their own, but when you add in vivid, juicy fruits that can be picked and eaten, you’ve got a pretty amazing piece of nature to liven up your home.

Popular citrus tree varieties like the Meyer lemon have classic yellow fruits that grow plump and round—you’ll be surprised those branches can hold them up! Other interesting varieties, like the variegated pink lemon, have yellow and green striped fruits with vibrant pink flesh and stunning green and cream splashed leaves.

If you’re on the hunt for the best large plants for your home that already tower overhead, or you’d like a young plant for a long-term project that’s easy on the budget, SummerWinds has got you covered! Visit one of our five locations in California to see what’s in store!